Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Cookie Dream

Last night I had one of the strangest dreams I have had in a while. Let me begin by telling you a bit of background. My ex and I were never right from the start. He used me and abused me seven ways to Sunday. Including having me as his back up girlfriend when he had a girlfriend in the public eye. Totally horrible situation and it ended very abruptly. I actually finally cut ties with the guy the same weekend that I met my wonderful future husband. All in all it was not ideal and I never totally dealt with the way he treated me.

Well every once in a while he pops up in a dream. Last night my dream went like this. I had made my famous chocolate chip cookie bars that I love to make and had just pulled them out of the oven. WF came in and lovingly took a slice from the end of the casserole dish the way you are supposed to cut into it and told me he loved me and left. Ex BF comes in and starts his normal ways of schmoozing me and flirting with me. I felt guilty for appeasing him but told him he could have a cookie bar if he wanted one. He proceeded to cut into the dish right in the middle. Taking a huge piece out (which we all know the middle cookies are the best part) and chomping away. For some reason (who knows why really) I told him it would taste better if he poured hot coffee on the cookie while he ate it but not to let it get cold because then it would be gross. He then took the whole pot of coffee and poured it all the rest of the cookies, ruining them for me and for but most of all for WF. I was so upset because WF just took his part and loved it and did not mess with the rest, saving it for later. WTF is that? He then sat there and acted like nothing wrong. I yelled at him and told him he ruined everything and he just continued to sit there like he did nothing.

I told WF about this dream because I felt so guilty about having it. He then started to analyze it. He came up with the idea that I think the EX BF ruins everything and if I ever let him back into my life I would be opening myself up to that. I came to the conclusion that I am the cookie. WF just took part and respected the rest and loved it. The EX BF took the best part of it and ruined it for WF. I am always effed up, and he did this to me.

What do you think ladies?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I am into little boys...

Not really but man Taylor Lauter is one hot piece of ass! (I think he is only like 17, I am a dirty old hag!) Can I get an Amen?

I will be watching Eclipse this weekend to avoid the embarrassment of being the oldest person in the theater like I was last time. I can't wait to see if this movie is going to be good! I love Twilight and all the other books. I have read them many times over. I am team Edward normally. But Jacob in real life is one sexy piece! 

Weekend Recap - Why I should not drink anymore

Friday - We celebrated Ben and Janet's engagement at Z-Tejas restaurant in downtown Austin. They wanted to have a "get to know you" wedding party party, and I think it was a great kick off to their wedding events!

I got there a bit early to get a table for everyone, and get set up. Plus I was rocking my boot (pictured above) and I wanted to make sure I did not fall down the stairs in front of people while carrying stuff. While waiting for everyone I decided to beat the heat with a margarita. After some more time everyone else got there and I ordered another margarita. Then it was almost 7 and happy hour was almost over so I ordered another margarita. And another just in case. After realizing that I was sufficiently wasted I proceeded to start spouting off all the bad words in German I have learned from WF. Kelly then mentioned she was drunk and I felt better about my being drunk. So what do you when you feel better about being drunk? You got that right, I ordered another margarita. For those of you counting I had FIVE margaritas in one night. Yes that is right FIVE.

Saturday - THE MOURNING AFTER, yes I spelled that right, I was in mourning for my youth. When after drinking too much liqueur I could bounce out of bed and pop a Tylenol and vitamin. Well I am not that chick anymore. I woke up at 3:30 in the morning with leg cramps from being dehydrated and could not fall back asleep. So I proceeded to stay up and watch "Showgirls" and "Shrek" while crying because I was on the verge of death. It was an awesome morning. Really. I almost killed my beloved dog because he needed to pee and the thought of standing up almost made me vomit.

I (after hours of drinking water and eating dry cereal) then headed to watch the U.S. loose in the world cup at Third Base. Why there was a 30 minute wait to get into the bar I don't know. Even more awesome. We eneded the night stoping by the pour house pub for a friends birthday party. I crashed shortly after.

Sunday - We headed to Amelia's house for some R+R and Mighty Fine. Their new house is going to be amazing. We floated in the pool and messed with our dog. A great end to a hangover weekend that almost killed me.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Not a wedding post! Toy Story 3 Date

Last night I came home from work and to my surprise WF asked me to go on a date with him to go see "Toy Story 3" at the Alamo Drafthouse. The movie was super cute and pretty sad in parts. Basically a great date movie. 

If any of you watched the original "Toy Story" movies and were concerned this would be a cop out I don't think you will be disappointed. The concept was about what happens to toys when their kids "grow up". This was a cute idea and totally made sense to the timeline. The end was well done and I am so glad they had the same people doing the voices. I hate when they have to fake the voices of famous people in sequels. Prefect example of this? The genie in Aladdin. Robin Williams was amazing and then the killed it when he did not do the rest of the movies. Anyway moving on... 

The movie was super cute and I highly recommend it to all of you! 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bachelorette Party Weekend Update

I can not put into words how much fun I has this weekend. My friends threw me the most amazing bachelorette party that I could have asked for! My hostesses were Janet and Kelly, both are bridesmaids in my wedding and apparently rock'in party planners!

The big day started off with breakfast at my house. Kelly and Janet had quiches and some amazing muffins, complete with make your own bellinis. I made blueberry french toast casserole with coffee and tea. I got a perfect little coach bag from my two bridesmaids in Philly who could not make it. I immediately changed bags to use it for the day!

The event planner and great friend Molly loaded us up in our van. We had a bodyguard/driver, games and bottled water with personalized labels! We headed to our first location, Becker Vineyards and had our first tasting. The wine there was amazing. So not what I would think would be coming out of the wineries in Texas. We then sat outside and chatted on the porch with a bottle of wine bought by my two bridesmaids in Philly, Kate and Sarah (thank you ladies).

Then we headed to Grape Creek Vineyards, where we had another bottle of wine outside and took a tour of the facilities. So interesting to hear how everything was done and how the wine was made. I do have to say by this point I had had enough wine that everything was super interesting! We did a tasting in the cellar right out of the barrels and I thought that was really cool. You could tell the difference in flavor from one barrel to the next. Then we had a totally amazing picnic lunch, of which our bodyguard set up for us. I remember at this point knowing I drank too much because Molly had taken my cell phone away from me! Darn you miss Molly!

We then headed to our final location, Torre di Pietra Winery. Super cute, and had live music! I loved a few of their wines! We sat outside on their pavilion for a few hours. We danced and drank and chatted. I believe this is where I get officially "classy (maybe a bit sloppy) drunk" I know at some point there were pictures of me with all the girls rings on, engagement, wedding, just for fun because I am fab rings, all of them. Why? I don't know.

We then headed home. I believe there were some penis scratch off's, there may have been some flashing of other cars by yours truly and so on. We got home and I gave the hosts thier gifts. A Shake Weight! Let's just say this gift made the rest of the night pretty interesting. We ended the night with a dance party in the living room while chugging the four bottles champagne that miss Amelia bought us!

I spent Sunday recovering on the sofa. The hang over was not that bad, but I was so tired I could barely move. I had some taco shack and that helped. WF and I hung out on the sofa most of the day and recovered together. (He had a horrible rock star night as well!)

For some pictures check out Amber's blog. I can't thank all the ladies enough for such a fun day! I am so lucky to have lots of girlfriends and love from all of you! Kelly and Janet you both have become amazing friends over these last five years and I am so lucky to call you two dear friends. Thank you for hosting an amazing party!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Theres a party in my ... Hair?

Please excuse my Yo, Gabba Gabba Reference! My friend Amber will know the joke at least!

I got may hair trial done this week. Here are some pictures of the results. I am planning on changing the bang situation a bit and lowering the veil just a tad. But overall I love love love my hair! She lightened it up, and played a lot with the color, I really like the results. What do you ladies think?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A classy drunk...?

This weekend is my bachelorette party here in Austin. Two of my bridesmaids, Kelly and Janet are hosting the lovely event and I can not begin to explain how freaking excited I am. I wanted to have a bachelorette party but I did not in ANY way want to go downtown and do that whole thing. I hate lots of attention and I defiantly did not want to carry around a huge penis on 6th street while kissing men other than my WF. I wanted a, how should I say... classy drunk. Let's not panic people I still am planning on drinking my fair share and making an ass our of myself but I am a snob and wanted to add a little class to my drunk!

So this weekend the girls are taking me out for several wine tastings, tours of hill country and a lunch at one of the wineries! Jealous? I know you are! :) We are ending the night at my house for a slumber party, with movie watching and pizza to boot!

So now to the all important outfit choosing. What to wear what to wear!? I have picked out several dresses from Ann Taylor Loft, god I love that store. Here are my choices:
Or This Dress in hot pink. What do you guys think?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

DIY Project: Pace Card Holders

I mentioned to you all that my wedding is going to have a wine theme to it and I wanted to buy these wine cork place card holders for the wedding:

Well in an effort to save us a buck and be creative I thought I would try to make these myself. How hard could they be anyway? It turns out not hard at all! I was able to make them with just a box cutter and a cutting board. Perfect! Here are some pictures: 

Box cutter and cutting board:

First I cut a side of the cork off so it had a flat edge: 

I then cut a line sightly toward the back of the cork and then made a thin groove angling it so the cards when placed in the corks are easy to read: 

Finished product: 

These are super easy to make! Plastic and cork work as well! Go forth and make place cards! I feel so Martha Stewart right now! :) 

Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Recap

Friday - We went to dinner at Maggiano's at the Domain for our friend Jason's birthday. It was wonderful food, but sooo much food. Next time we are just going to go for the salad and some bread! It was wonderful to catch up with friends and chat. Our friends Andy and Rich just got married and had come back from thier honeymoon that day so we got to talk shop about their wedding and hear all about Jason and Amelia's new home that I can not wait to see!

Saturday - I woke up at about 5:30 am with a leg cramp and neither of us could go back to bed. So we got up and watched the world cup game that started at 6 am, LIVE. We then watched more soccer, and then even more soccer. WF is a huge soccer fan, he played all through high school and when he lived in Europe so this is a very big deal for him. We then picked out his tux for the wedding and his groomsmen's tuxes. I think we might make a slight change to what they will be wearing but we got the order all taken care of and saved the guys some money on their rentals, so that was really exciting. We also returned my shoes for the wedding to DSW, because of my foot I can not wear the ones I bought - sigh... But the good news? I got an even cute pair of Manolo rip offs that are way more comfortable! WHOO WHO!

Sunday - We got up and watched even more soccer. It was about then realized there is a great thing about all this soccer watching, I get to stare at hot men with my WF for hours on end! Have any of you noticed how hot some of these foreign men are??? Getting all sweaty and angry... Anyway, we then headed over to Costco and joined that cult. It was an experience I will never do again, at least on a Sunday. That place was freaking insane! $150 bucks later we finally got out of there. We also got our rings in and then sent them out to be engraved (not at Costco, BTW) and I also got my engagement rind sized finally! It should be ready for my bachelorette party this weekend so I am super pumped about that. I then came home and finally hung up pictures in our guest room, it has been a  year I figured it was time. We then watched Tru Blood (god I love the sex filled, hot men filled show!)

Super productive weekend I think!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Dancing Machine!

Last night WF told me he was taking me out for an early birthday present and that I needed to wear a skirt...? So I thought maybe we were going to dinner. No. He brought me some some Chick-Fil-a (I have been craving that stuff for weeks) for dinner while I was getting ready. So then I was confused.

WE got and the car and started to drive, no where near any of our usual hangouts. I was thinking he might be taking me to the Melting Pot for desert (weird birthday present but whatever). We arrive at the strip mall with the Melting Pot and Main Event, both concerning to me, as these were weird ideas for birthday gifts. I was totally confused as he walked me all around the shopping center. We then finally reached our destination. DANCE LESSONS!

WF surprised me with private dance lessons for our wedding. He said he wanted to make sure it was a dance we would remember! AWE!

The lesson was super fun and I think we are going to really enjoy taking the classes together. WF is not a really smooth dancer but he seemed to pick up the basics pretty quick! I am have to say it was so sweet of him to think of this for us. It is super romantic to dance with him and I think it is something really special for us to share!

Did any of you take dance lessons?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Side effects of getting engaged

I have finally gotten the scoop from my friend Kate and have had a chance to chat with her all day about wedding stuff. Gosh I can't believe how much I have learned about weddings in the year that I have been planning our wedding. As we were chatting Kate reminded me of some of the many things that happen to you when you get engaged, and plan a wedding. 

Over the last year I have become VERY aware of my hands, my nails and of course my ring finger. I used to bite my nails all the time. Now I at least try to keep clear nail polish on at all times and lay off biting my nails 'till the bleed. 

I cry at everything pertaining to weddings. I see a proposal story, BAM, crying. I see a bride at another wedding, tears. I watch any wedding show whatsoever and bawling. I was never like this about weddings. I chalk it up to being excited about having that moment. 

I have horrible "bride brain". I always tend to bring everything back to weddings or our wedding or really anything about me. It is horrible because I know I am doing this and I get super annoyed with bitches when they do this to me but I do it anyway. It is like verbal diarrhea all the time. 

My morning routine consist of checking every wedding blog I can think of. I read like 20 wedding blogs and I follow maybe 5 on a very regular basis. I love them all and I keep checking them thinking something will blow my mind and I will be able to incorporate it in my wedding, knowing full well I probably can't do any of that stuff. It is obsessive now. I am really looking forward to not thinking about place cards! 

I guess not too many obvious things have changed. Did anything happen to you when you were proposed to? 

Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend Recap and BIG news!!!

This past weekend started off at a low point but could not have wound up better!

Friday - I went to the doctor to find out if my foot was healing and if I could start working out again. It was a no go, in fact it had gotten worse. To avoid much more detail lets just say I ended up with a steroid shot in my foot and a numb foot for the rest of the night. Fun stuff for sure. In other more fun news WF and I started watching Wale Wars a while back and are not totally addicted! I know it is a weird animal planet show but we love this crap! The season premier was Friday so you bet your asses we were watching it. I highly recommend you check it out.

Saturday - I got up super early and headed to Houston to go hang out with my sister for a little bonding time. I know with the wedding coming up my monthly visits will probably not happen so I took advantage. We went to go see Sex and the City 2 (after I had fallen asleep during most of it the first time) and I have to say It was what I thought it would be. A lot of fluff and a whole lot of nothing. Still fun and totally worth the money to go but ehhh they should stop making these movies. Heather and I then hung out with the family and made dinner with family friends.

Sunday - I learned how hard it is to get out of the house with two kids. Two hours after we started to leave we finally made it to the mall. No fault to anyone though, it was a lot of fun to play with the kids and relax with my sister. I have such an appreciation for her!

In other big, HUGE, and WONDERFUL news, one of my oldest and closets friends Kate, got ENGAGED this weekend! YEAH!!!! Her fiancĂ© Matt is the state trooper I mentioned a while back who had both of his legs crushed in a horrible accident. She and Matt deserve nothing but the best and are a prime example of unconditional and true love. Kate is one of the kindest most genuine people I have ever known and I just can not be happier for her and her husband to be. Matt proposed to her on the beach while they were walking their dog! So sweet! CONGRATULATIONS KATIE!!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Meetings Shmeetings

This week I have working meetings. They are all day and they are boring. So I am going to be a bit MIA this week. In the mean time I am going to ask you all what your thoughts are about changing outfits when you leave your wedding.

I am considering a change of clothes for when we leave the wedding. I was thinking about wearing my mom's wedding dress when I leave the wedding. I can shorten it and make it a really cute cocktail dress. I thought it would be a fun way to make a nod to my mom and our family while being fashionable and fun.

Thoughts on this? Do you guys think this is odd? Do you think it is excessive?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend Recap

Three day weekends are amazing.  I love them and really do think we need to make sure we take them as much as we can. This weekend I had so much fun and I just can't believe how fast the days went by.

Friday - The girls met for a night out to go see Sex and the City 2. I would like to give you a review but I ended up drinking to much and honestly don't remember much about it. I will be going with my sister again this weekend and hope to actually watch the movie this time. I am pretty sure at some point I fell asleep for a good 20 minutes. NOT GOOD. Time out with the girls = so much fun!

Saturday - After nursing my hangover for a bit WF and I headed to our food tasting at the SFA hotel. We picked our menu and got some great news that they have recently updated their linens! WHOOT WHOOT, this means I don't have to rent anything other than napkins. Makes me so happy.  So we took our time picking our dinner and appetizers. I actually came out of the meeting with more questions than answers. But I feel really good about using the hotel for our wedding.

Sunday - We did a whole lot of grocery shopping. We checked out joining Costco, and also headed to the HEB. We then watched like a million episodes of Mad Men, but we totally are digging that show. Other than that we just chilled out and spent some time getting our final guest list together. Word to the wise to you brides out there keep a list of all the people you sent a save the date to and those people who might not be invited to the wedding. Now we are having to invite everyone because we cant remember! Woops!

Monday - I ran like a million errands for the wedding including buying my first bathing suit for the honeymoon. Although I am thinking about returning it because who the heck spends $80 bucks on a freaking bathing suit? We then did some pool time and chilled out with friends. A fun end to a great weekend.

Hope you all had a good weekend!