Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I am going to Gleek out!

Ladies, tonight is the BRITNEY SPEARS GLEE EPISODE!!!! 

That is all I have to say about that. 

Get it girrrl! 

Monday, September 27, 2010

Confession Monday

My friend Kelly used to do this. I am going to rip it off.

This weekend was deemed "Fuck Up" weekend in my house. My wonderful loving husband (I say this with a pinch of sarcasm) and I realized that everything I did this weekend I effed up. Seriously everything.

Friday I ordered pei wei for movie night. I ordered the wrong thing and although it was not a huge deal it cost us some extra bucks. I also figured out I bought the entirely wrong lunch meals for Mr. A for the next week for work, i actually bought everything he hates. I suck as a wife.

Saturday I hosted a dinner party at my house. Luckily my friends are nice because I effed up dinner repeatedly. Did not know the ice cream maker took 24 hours to freeze, fail. I did not read the directions and the lasagna may have been missing a few key flavors. I did not know that the sauce was supposed to simmer for two hours. So I drank my eff ups away and felt a bit better.

The moral of the story? There is none. I am a fuck up and I just fucked that up cause there was no point to the story.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pictures by Amelia

My friend Amelia took some fantastic pictures of the wedding ceremony. I thought I would post some more and show you how awesome she is. I am her self proclaimed PR Person/Booker. So if you are interested she is available for hire! :)

Here is our niece Annabelle and our dog Harry walking down the isle:

Here is me coming down the isle with my dad (I think he looks so handsome): 

Here I am looking at Mr. A during our blessing: 

Here is our first kiss, I know it is a bit gross to post kissing pictures but deal with it: 

I am hoping we will have more pictures from our photographer soon. But for now I will let you feast your eyes on these! Happy Modern Family/Grey's Anatomy Day! 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Recap

Where does the time go? I have been married for two weeks now and I can't believe it! I looked at my calendar this morning and just last week I was getting back from our Mexican honeymoon (and update on that coming soon) and unwrapping gifts from our loved ones. Just two weeks ago I was waking up in my suite at the SFA with my new husband after the best night of our lives.

I still can't remember all the details from the day and as time goes by I am riddled with regret that I did not push myself to relax more and enjoy the day. It hit me like a smack in the face - a friend of mine gave me that description. I am hoping the pictures from the weekend will keep flooding in and I will begin to get my memories back.

For this weekend we did our first "A" family movie night complete with Pei Wei and wine. We watched "Clash of the Titans" a movie that I was not expecting much from. In the end I was happy with it though and even more happy to be snuggling with my cute family on our bad ass old people sofas.

Saturday Mr. A had to work all day and I got to work on cleaning up our mess of a home. I finally got groceries and menu planned. I am looking forward to using all my new kitchen stuff and all the wonderful cookbooks my friends and families gave us. That night we watched the game at a new bar called Kung Fu with some friends and then headed to watch some other friends' band play.

Sunday morning Mr. A and I got up and met our friends Amelia and Jason for a walk around the lake. The bridge is being extended so instead of our normal 3 miles it ended up being almost 5! Very tired we then headed to Austin Java for breakfast and mimosas. We then headed home very tuckered out and I feel asleep right away. Got to love the afternoon nap.

Sunday night I made Mr. A our first meal as husband and wife! I know it is sad it took me two weeks to do so but please don't judge. We had a lot going on. I made a recipe from the cookbook my friend Janet gave us called the "Newlywed's Cookbook" perfect title I thought. It was pasta with pancetta, peas and sage. SOOOO yummy. I highly recommend it.

Now back to the grind of work.... Mondays always come to fast.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Vendor Reviews

Here are a few reviews of some of my vendors that I used. I am pretty happy with everyone I worked with. There are some that a missing in there but you get the gist. Let me know if you have any questions or need contact information.

Vendor Reviews

Venue – Stephen F Austin Hotel
Let me start off by saying everyone I worked with at the SFA made my day so special. Everyone from the bell hops and the valets all the way up made us feel wonderful about us having our wedding there. We only had 70 people at our wedding, and the SFA was by far the CHEAPEST place to have the wedding! They gave us all our linens for free, lots of other d├ęcor and rental items for free as well. We did not have a facility fee, just a spending minimum for the night (which was super low). We had both our ceremony and reception there so they gave us two nights free in a 1 bedroom suite! They did a great job on the food and the beverages. Everything was delightful on the day of. I do want o warn you all that they have a new catering director who is not very easy to work with. He is still learning everything at the hotel and I think he was a bit pissed at me when I called him out on things that he should have known. He made it really challenging for me at times and I always had to check all the contracts to find mistakes. But all in all I was happy with our wedding. I will give the SFA a B+.

Photographer – InkedFingers Photography.
So far I have loved everything Carli has done for us. She not only worked with us on an engagement shoot but she also gave us many little extras and details throughout the year that I worked with her. She is always professional and on time. She is creative and works well with your ideas to give you a really personal experience. I can’t wait to see the final pictures but for now I give her and A for sure!

Day of Wedding Coordinator – Becky Sosa of Stress Free Events
Becky was amazing. She did way more than just the day of. She worked so hard to make sure I was always happy. I had a big three hour meeting with her the week before the event and she wrote down every detail and thought I had about the wedding. She then interpreted everything perfectly and beyond what I expected. She stuck up for me quite a bit when working with my location and always spoke up to protect our wedding. I would recommend her to anyone! I give her an A!

Florist – Bouquets of Austin
Let me just say that this vendor was my FAVORITE one of them all. She was amazing to work with and always made me feel like a million dollars. I had a very small floral budget and she worked with me to get just what I wanted for the price I could do. She was not the cheapest but she was worth it in the end. Everything was just what I wanted and she added way more than I asked for at no extra charge. She gave me lots of extras and rental items for nothing. What I loved best about her was I am a visual person and her shop has so many visuals to reference, via magazines, her computer and TV set up and then she took me back into the shop to look at each type of flower! I made so many changes but she just rolled with it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this company and will use them for as much as I can from now on. A+++++++++

Wedding Dress and Alterations – Serendipity Bridal
I got my dress over a year ago and I was so worried I chose the wrong one. In the end I could not have imagined every wearing anything else on the big day. The staff there was great to work with during the purchases process. I do have to say their seamstress freaked me out a lot saying she might not be able to do everything I wanted, and it made me cry a time or two when I thought it would not work out. But in the end she made everything fit perfectly. I do think I paid a premium to have the dress altered at the location, so if you want to cut a corner ask Mariana if she can do the alterations on the side. I also felt like because my mom was buying the dress for me they saw it as an opportunity to not give me as good of a deal as I could have gotten. I hated that feeling. I give them an B-.

Officiant – Sam Riccobene
He was awesome. We took out pre-marital classes with him and he wrote our ceremony. He made us feel so loved and comfortable. Totally worth his fee! A+ for Sam!

Make Up – LittleWex Designs, Sara
I loved Sara from the start. First off she was trained in LA and not priced that way at all. She was more than $100 less than everyone I talked to. She did airbrushing for only like $10 more and she included eyelashes for FREE! She was professional and on time. Always a pleasure to work with. Love her. A

Invitations – Wedding Paper Divas
I loved everything about the process of working with them. I felt like they were fair prices and really flexible. I highly recommend using them. A+

Bridesmaids Dresses – Jcrew
I liked the dress on the girls but I have to say a lot of them had to have them altered to fit them right. They all said they had issues so I thought I would give you guys that heads up. We did order them on sale though and got free shipping so that was a bonus! B

Rings – Tacori and Ben Bridge
We bought my engagement ring from Baily Banks and Biddle well before we knew they were closing. So we were so lost when it came to having my rings serviced. Well the Ben Bridge at the Domain has been amazing to us. We bought my band and his from them as well as our wedding presents for each other. We got great service they went above and beyond what they needed to. They always had a great selection. We will use them for a long time coming. A

Thursday, September 16, 2010

When I'm 64

Will you still love me?

We had the most amazing wedding ever. It came and went by SO fast! My new HUSBAND and I are super happy and are finally settling back into normal life. The day was perfect but I still don't remember everything! As we dig through gifts and massive piles of laundry and try to recall all the special moments here are a few shots from the wedding to hold you over, cause I know you are all just dying to see the pics.