Monday, November 14, 2011

Italy Trip - Day 10 - The day I had dinner with Robert Downy Jr.

Well not really. But he and Marrissa Tome totally stayed at the hotel we went to for our last night in the movie that inspired this whole trip!

This what what we woke up to every morning...
Third day, still an unreal view!

This day we did nothing, seriously, nothing. We went out to the sun deck and laid around, read our books and drank. It was awesome. Notice that I did not say "lay out" because we for sure did not lay in any sun. This was what it looked like from the chairs we were in all day.
All day sun protection... you know it!
Hubs hiding from the sun. We dare not have another episode of sun poising on our hands.

But look at this view!

And every once in a  while we would get in the pool and float around. It was awesome.
Mr. A in the infinity pool.

Perfect day doing nothing.
That night we headed to Le Sirinuse hotel. It is by far the nicest hotel in town and where many many celebrities have stayed and movies have been made. Kim K actually had her honeymoon there... yea that ended well.

We started off with drinks at their champagne bar. I had their signature drink and i must say I may have been drunk after one sip. Best drink ever. Mr. A hated his but he ordered James Bond's drink because apparently this is where Peirce stays. He looked good while drinking it none the less.
Then we moved to dinner at the main restaurant. Again, I will be blogging about all the food later but let me just say this. It was THE MOST expensive meal we have ever had, and it was freaking worth every penny.
Our table.
Inside the restaurant.
We ate at one of those little tables by the water.
The city lights from our table.
There are no words to describe how life changing this night was for me. I will go back to Positano one day. I have to. It is officially my favorite place on the planet. I have to be honest there were moments of complete panic when I realized I had to come home. Seriously, there were tears. For some reason I feel totally at peace in this little town. I just can't belive how lucky I was to be able to go there! Thank you to my sweet husband who made it all happen and believed we could do it. I love you.

Next up, our last days in Italy. More about food, and where we are heading next!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Italy Trip - Day 9 - I'm On A Boat!

On our second day in heaven we decided to explore the coast a little bit. We had several options. One was to take a scooter down the highway to see the other towns, and one was to rent a boat for the day. We opted for the boat, and damn was it awesome.

First, this was out view from our balcony that morning. I just had to brag a bit more... 

Me relaxing and taking in the views
Yea, I could totally live here.
Now on to the rest of our day. In Italy you do not need a license to drive a boat, so we just rented a boat from a local company, they gave us a five minute tutorial in broken English and we were off. These are some fun pictures from throughout or exploration of the coast. We stopped and dropped anchor a few times, ate lunch and drank wine and dipped our feet in the water. It was really a perfect way to see the Amalfi Coast.

The song, "I'm On a Boat" should be playing in the background as you look through these pictures...

Me on the boat
Me driving the boat
I am on a boat, and driving it bitches...
Positano is way back there...

This is how I roll
This is how Mr. A rolls
Gorgeous views of the coast and the famous highway
One of the other towns along the coast
So pretty. It was perfect.

End of the day we we heading back in to the city. Yes, no one is driving the boat right now...
This is what Positano looks like from the water. It looks fake right!?
Sun set on a perfect day on the water. This picture was taken from our balcony as well.

Next up the saddest day ever, our last full day in heaven.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Italy Trip - Day 8 - When I discovered heaven is a place on earth

There are several things that I should remind you all about this trip. One, it was kinda, sorta, our Honeymoon. Two I have wanted to go to the Amalfi Coast since I was about 8. Three, Positano is the shit.

All of these factors lead to our consious decision to go all out for the last three days fo our trip. Up until then we stayed in fairly inexpensive hotels, and took the bus and not caps most places. And we tried to keep all food spending to around 75 euro a day, including drinking!

After taking the hour bus ride from Sorrento to Positano along the terrifying coastal highway all thrifty-ness when right out the window. The hotel we stayed at was ranked #1 on trip advisor and then we upgraded our room to a honeymoon suite. Walking from the bus stop to the hotel only took about two minutes and within these two minutes I knew I had been right all my life and that I was going to love this town.

Hotel Marincanto and Positano welcomed us wish such kindness. Everyone was so nice and everything was so pretty. We had a bit of a wait to get into our room so we decided to walk out onto the sun deck. Kid you not this was about five minutes after arriving:
Mr. A took a picture of my face as I saw our view and Positano for the first time.
A nice couple took our picture for us on the sun deck. They had just gotten engaged.
Helloooooo LOVER. This is the view we had from our amazeballs hotel.
The water was so unreal.
Yes. This is a real place. I know.
The beaches are mostly private, and rocky, and the hike down to the beach was a lot so we stayed up on the sun decks a lot. But the water was unreal when we did finally make it down there.

Right here is about when Mr. A said he had never seen a more beautiful place. Oh and that we needed a drink.
I totally agreed.
We ordered a drink and hid in the shade because we dared not get sun burned. This a reoccurring theme throughout our time in Positano.
Our first drinks in Positano.


After checking into our room and changing we walked around the town and found lunch at a local shop. Our hotel is next to the red hotel in this picture.
Can you tell how pumped I was. This whole thing was a trip that I will never forget but getting to this spot was literally a life long fantasy of mine.
SOOO Happy.

That night we walked around and decided to have dinner down on the water front. We both liked our meal and then of course had lots to drink. We strolled back to our hotel to get some rest after a long day.

View from our table at dinner. the water was so relaxing to listen to.
Here is where I start bragging (because before I was not) about how freaking awesome our hotel room was. We had a special suite with hot tub... on the balcony... overlooking the city. Yea it was awesome.
Hot tub for two, check

View of the city from the hot tub check.

This picture shows the lights a little more from the city.

While I took pictures my husband washed his manties, sexy I know...
The hotel sent up a bottle of wine for us to enjoy on our first night. So sweet.
View back towards the hot tub on our balcony.
That night we relaxed and went to bed early. We had a long day ahead of us and wanted to enjoy as much as we could! Actually that is not totally true, we sat on the balcony for about two more hours drinking wine and talking about how lucky we were to be there.

Next up more of how much I loved Positano... get used to it!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Italy Trip - Day 7 - Capri, after a two hour hike, we day drink dammit

We headed to Capri early the next morning. The Steves said to take the first ferry out from Sorrento and we are so glad we did. We actually got into the Blue Grotto. This is the main attraction of this tiny island just off the coast and it was well worth the hype.It is closed a lot and we knew the chances were not good that we would get in. Apparently in the morning though the water is not so choppy.

After the 30 minute ferry ride over to the island we got right on the boat to go to the grotto:

Our ferry to Capri from Sorrento

Just after arriving on the island we did not even leave the pier, we got right on the boat for the grotto. This is what we thought was the small boat...
The hubs on the medium boat
On our way to the grotto we got a great tour of the cliffs of the gorgeous island

As we pulled up in our medium sized boat we saw the boats we actually took into the grotto... very small.

Here we are loaded into the boat.

A good shot of how small the boats were, we were in this boat with about 5 people... very tight.

You can't tell but that is the entrance. They time it with the current so when the water goes down you go in.

They pull the chain...

and your are in!

We worth the hype for sure. This is all natural light. It was unreal.

Light bounces off the rocks under water.

it was so clear.

In the grotto!
After leaving the grotto, we headed up the hills to the fist town on the island, Capri Town. This is where all the crazy shopping is and fancy hotels. Here is the view:
Shot of me and the Steves book... again.

At the top of the train tracks that gets you up the hill
We walked around and window "shopped", and while wondering cam across this sign on one of the shop windows. I love it.
After wondering around a bit more, we decided to skip the long line waiting for the bus that took you up to the other town  on the island and took a convertible cab. Here is the view along the highway:
So pretty
Driving along the highway in our fancy cab gave us the ability to really see the island. Totally worth the money.

Mr. A in the cab looking so happy we did not wait in the line for the bus!
After we arrived in Anacapri, we decided to take the chair lift to the top of the island. In an effort to save some euros we decided we would hike back down. BIG MISTAKE. Pay the money, don't every hike on vacation:

Chair lift up
I was scared so I took pictures of my feet to make me feel better

It was really high up. And look at those people taking the lift back down. Smug bastards.
We made it to the top! It was unreal up there. It was foggy, so you can't really tell but the whole coast line can be seen from up there.
Famous rocks.
And now we begin the hike from hell. The Steves said slightly changeling. We say BULL SHIT. It was super hard. We wondered for about an hour and a half, fearing for our lives and not enjoying on view because the ground was so steep. Not a good plan on our part.
I was so annoyed.

The "view" from our hike. I made Mr. A stop so I could sit down and empty my shoes out of all the ROCKS.
After our hike we needed nourishment. We had heard about this great place for local food. So we wondered around a bit more and finally found it. Here is Mr. A just after we sat down: 
So sexy...
So what do you do when you have had a miserable hike? You day drink...
Happy man!
After a bottle of wine and several of these limonciellos life was good again:
Unreal lemon cake I just had to share with you all:
After lunch and getting our buzz on we took a cab back down to the port and waited for our ferry back to Sorrento. While waiting we went to the local beach and waded around. The water was so clear and cold it was a perfect end to our visit.
The water was about a foot deep here, it was so clear.
In the water relaxing.
That night we walked around Sorrento after a nice nap and watched a soccer game. Mr. A was in heaven at the local pub yelling at the soccer players. It was a lot of fun. I rallied and drank some more.

There is a long story involved in this next video. Kate I just had to post it for you though. This is what happens to me after day drinking and then drinking another bottle of wine myself:

Next up we headed to heaven, or for you plain non fancy folk, Positano Italy!