Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bachelorette #2 - It's Gunna Be Legend...

This weekend my lovely Matron of Honor and sister is throwing me a fantastic and might a say luxurious bachelorette party in Houston. She lives in H-town with her two kiddos and husband and was not able to make it to the "Classy Drunk" fiasco from a few months back. So she offered to host one for me in Houston.

Let me tell you ladies I am totally looking forward to it. We are starting the weekend off right with a trip to Trellis  Spa at the Houstonian. I will be having lunch and then getting a massage and a badly needed mani pedi. Check out some stock photos pf this place. It screams relaxation!

Yea I am pretty sure that is going to make for an amazing day at the spa. Did I mention they have a room for napping??? Oh yea they do. 

Then we are off to spend the night in a new fancy hotel in Houston, and have dinner at RA Sushi. Here is picture of the main dining room: 

We are then heading out to go bar hopping and head back to the hotel where we will drink and chat and relax some more. I cant tell you how much I am looking forward to this weekend. One of my bridesmaid's Kelly is coming in from Austin and Kate is flying in from Philly! I have been in need of some girl time and what better reason to get it than I am getting married in 38 days!!!! 

Monday, July 26, 2010

Bridal Beauty: My Makeup Trial

Here are some pictures of the makeup trial I recently did with Sara Little Wex Designs here in Austin. Please forgive my horrible eyebrow situation, they are total beasts right now. I am also going to change a few little things her and there about the make up. But I was happy with it for sure.

She was a total steal, $100 includes a trial, day of and on location makeup and touch up kit. I am in love!

From Recently Updated

From Recently Updated

Here is the makeup after four hours. I thought it wore well!

From Recently Updated

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tahiti: Must. Go. Now.

Who else was driven to their computers to look up flights to Tahiti last night wile watching the Bachelorette? I am totally in love with the over the water bungalows and must go there very soon. I love that the entire show was basically a post card from the island.

I secretly watch that show every week thinking these people are actually falling in love. BUT, I am super bothered by the fact the people on the show never talk like normal people. Things like "I am on a journey" "I have strong feelings" why cant they say man I am diggin' that hottie and would like to bone?

Have a great Tuesday night ladies!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Holy crap I need to get on the ball...

I realized this morning that I need to get my shit together ASAP. I have 6 weekends left until the wedding. In the meantime I have a work convention to prep for and all my other usual stuff life stuff, like being a friend, and fiancĂ© and doing laundry, cooking and all of that jazz. If you count the weekend I am going to Houston for my bachelorette party #2 and the weekend my FMIL is in town I really have four weekends. Plus my mom will be here for two of those weekends so that means I really only have two weekends to myself to get all of this stuff done. HOLLY CRAP! 

I have a list of things I have to get done in the next few weeks but this weekend I really chipped away at my to do's. I found a rather promising bathing suit for the honeymoon  at Dillard's. SWEET. I returned my $281 worth of clothing to Anthro that I totally did not need. I was a cheap wench and got free samples of the face creams I like from Lux Apothotique at the Domain. I bought a high waisted belt from Charming Charlie's, because I want to fit in so badly. I also swam (and almost died again) a half mile plus in the pool. I went to a birthday dinner and had Austin Land and Cattle for the first time, CHECK. And I had dinner at Kelly's house while watching my dog play her her dogs for about 3 hours. 

This BS about brides loosing weight before the wedding I am totally over. I have gained at least five pounds. I need to put the chicken leg down and walk away from the wine. Time to get serious. 

I still have to buy one more bathing suit, get some shoes that I can actually wear on my honeymoon, buy a big straw hat for the beach, check to make sure WF's bow tie matched the vest we ordered for the wedding, print all of our programs, menu's, thank you bags, make all of the out of town guest bags, buy gifts for people, and all sort of other stuff. 

I feel as though time might become a factor here. Panicking is not allowed.  

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Girls, this is not a DEMocracy, this is a CHEERocracy and I'm the cheertator!!"

We are about 6 full weeks out from the wedding an I am up to my eye balls in bullshit and drama. I am currently going through a lot professionally, while wearing a boot that prohibits me from meeting any of my fitness goals, making feel crappy about the way I look, having to save every single penny, while planning a wedding. All just so much fun. I am ready to pull my hair out and I can't take being worried about peoples feelings anymore.

FMIL is driving me slowly insane with her ideas and thoughts on my wedding. Example: It was suggested that WF's and my stuffed animals be put out during the wedding ceremony and put together after we say our wedding vows like they were getting married to. REALLY. REALLY? REALLY!!!! Now her feelings are hurt, and honestly I can't deal. I have made WF call her because I might say something I will regret.

WF after months of pushing to have a frigging champagne toast at the wedding JUST realized that we already have freaking champagne at our open bar (even though I have told him this a MILLION times) and now he is finally getting why I have been begging not to spend $400 on bottled of champagne we are already paying for so waiters can poor that crap. Give me a break.

Ok so there is lots else going on in my life but these are just some of the highlights. I am officially making this shit a dictatorship. Something that my sister and Kelly told me to do months ago. I am over it.

To my bridesmaids who are reading this, this is rant of my crazy is not directed at you in anyway. You ladies are the reason WF still has balls. Feel good about that...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The search for the perfect bikini

I am currently shopping for bathing suites for the honeymoon. I have one from VS that is emerald green and super cute. I like it so much but it was freaking $80, does this seem like a lot of money for a bra and panties you swim in? Come on it is two little pieces of fabric!

So in my search I went to Old Navy thinking they would have some cute cheap mix and match items. I was mistaken, so very mistaken. Their whole collection was neon colored string bikinis made for 12 year old girls. WTF is that? I then headed to Target, my long standing go to for pretty much everything an anything. Again, all these bright crazy patterned ugly as crap string numbers that I would have to weigh two pounds to even be seen in it. I then tried VS again, thinking oh well it worked one time. Well apparently they like only glitter action on their pieces witch is so practical, or they think all women look like the bitches in their catalog. Eff them.

So now I have gone on to JCrew. Apparently they are offering an additional 20% off of sale items (final sale of course) right now. I thought perfect I can for sure find something at good old JCrew. 2 hours of picking colors and bottoms and tops I like to only find out they don't have the size I like in the color I like later I still came up with nothing. I found one freaking matching set that I am going to have to buy now because I invested so much freaking time. I just hope it is not too ugly. GOD!!!! Here is the top, what do you think?

Where can I find a cute bathing suite ladies???? I am going nuts.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Weekend Prep

I am mixing it up a bit this week and tell you all what I have planned for this weekend. WF and I are doing movie night tonight, Pei Wei and Whale Wars tonight for sure!

Tomorrow morning I have a meeting to cover some serious ground on the wedding planning front. I am meeting with the catering manager for the hotel to cover a bunch of questions I have about the estimate he sent me two weeks ago, including why he feels we need 30 bottles extra for a champagne toast with only 70 guests at the wedding! Half a bottle of the bubbly sure seems like overkill to me. Homeboy underestimated my eye for details especially when it comes to $1000 for champagne that our bar already has!!!!

I am then meeting with the DOC to go over decor ideas and questions I have for the venue. I am hoping she has things laying around that maybe we can use and not have to buy to help with the budget. I am also going over all my vendor contracts and proposals to make sure she knows all we are working with and the timeline of events. I am hoping this meeting will help me focus in all my DIY projects I have planned and also have a better idea of what I have left to do.

After that meeting I am off to watch the Germans kick some butt in the World Cup and hang out with Janet's puppy Dexter, who I am puppy sitting on Saturday.

Sunday we are printing up some of out thank you bag labels and getting started on assembling them. We are also going to finalize our wedding music and readings. I know it seems like a lot but I feel like I have a lot left to do and only 58 days left to do it in!

YES I KNOW 58 DAYS!!!! Wow time flew by huh?

WF is finally feeling better after his battle with the sun last week. We are hitting the gym several times this weekend and trying to kick start the last few weeks of workouts. He and I have been working hard and are ready for this whole thing to just be done with. UGH! I am excited because I am hoping to focus on wedding stuff on the weekends and during the week get back to menu planning and cooking fabulous healthy meals for us. I miss normal.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

White people burn...

Let me preface this story with a bit of background. WF and I are both VERY fair skinned people. We love that we are both white because neither of us looks odd standing next to each other in bathing suites. We also always wear 80spf when preparing to be outside for any amount of time... 

This weekend we got up at 7am to watch Germany kick some serious ass in the World Cup. It was pouring rain at the time, so WF and I just hoppend in the car and headed to the bar. We thought we were hard core by getting to the bar at 8:07 am. No no, there were crazy German fans there already. Luckily we got a good seat and ordered breakfast. WF was supposed to play golf in the afternoon, but it had been raining for days so he figured it would not happen so he kind of half ass prepared to go. Oh how wrong he was. 

After the Germans kicked butt the guys left to play golf. I did not hear from him for 5 hours, until I got a text that said, "I am in so much pain, I have never hurt so freaking much", concerned I called him. He of course did not pick up. Instead about 20 minutes later he walked into our house looking just like a fire truck. Not like fat or anything, just the same color as a freaking fire truck! BRIGHT FREAKING RED!!!! He was on FIRE, burned from head to toe. Apparently someone forgot to put on sunscreen and burned himself to a crisp trying to hang like he was not slowly melting for 5 hours in the sun. 

Seriously the rest of our Fourth of July weekend was spent sitting on the sofa in air conditioning putting ice cold alo vera gel all over him and feeding him water and pain killers. It was horrible. I felt so bad for the guy. There is a picture of this sun burn, BUT I have been told that I would be killed if I blogged it. So in order to keep my relationship with WF in tact we will not be posting it here. But some of my readers have seen it, and they know how bad it was. 

The good news he is now on to the peeling stage, not so painful, but much more gross. Poor thing. 

Hope your weekends were better than WF's. 

Friday, July 2, 2010

My Favorite Thing...

Is in the mornings when my alarm goes off. WF rolls over and starts to snuggle me and my puppy jumps up onto the bed to snuggle me. They both hear the alarm and sandwich me in a big snuggle at the same time. WF presses snooze and we all snuggle for ten perfect minutes before we get started for the day.

Its the best and the cutest part of my morning...