Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This is what happens to your hair after a month of house hunting

Check out my grey!!

I went grey super young actually. I am going to get all of this covered up tonight though. Don't worry, I am not a total mess just yet!

Monday, February 13, 2012

My first house hunting heartbreak

Well I had a really crappy house hunting experience this weekend. How about you? Nothing? Oh well then I am jealous of you all.

As mentioned in my previous post I was all excited about a new house that came on the market like Tuesday or Wednesday. I did not let on how pumped I was about the house, but let me tell you I was. This house was totally awesome and one of those that I would have had to it when we moved in houses. All the colors, the layout, the kitchen, the yard, all of it was just what I/we wanted. 

Sunday we planned to go to the open house with our REALTOR. We got dressed and as we were heading out the door, we got the text from hell. The house went under contract. Not taking backups. It was gone. Never even got a chance to find out if I really loved it or not, never will know if it was perfect or not. It will just never be an option. And like that I started to cry. It was the most indescribable feeling. Like someone had just ripped a piece of your favorite desert out of your hands after you cooked it, decorated it, planned a party for it and planned out where all your furniture would go in it,  started to take a bite. Just sucked. It was the first time I had loved a house that much and just like that I had to just get over it. It is so sold; it’s not even on MLS anymore.
So there you have it. I am heartbroken. First time home buying not so much fun

Then I got in the car with the funniest lady ever, Kelly, who at 8 months pregnant is even funnier. She informed me that “fun” is not the word she would describe home buying. She told me that that is bull shit and fun is not the word she would use. She said it sucks and I should just get used to it sucking. But that there is hope, that one day a house will come on the listings and I will race over to see it and just know that it’s the house for me. And we will find our first home. I needed to hear that. I needed to know I was not cray cray for crying over this house. 

So now I know. Home buying is going to be full of highs and lows, and although more tears are in my future for sure, I hope they are more happy then sad.

On to the next house…

Thursday, February 9, 2012

We will not compromise (just yet)

 Y’all, we are still looking for a house. Y’all this is really stressful and scary. Y’all, I am not going to let the stress/scariness get to me! I will not give up on the “dream house.”

So to catch you all up here is where we stand. We had two houses we liked. But after not being able to decide if either were worth compromising on, be decided neither were worth it… just yet at least. 
One house we were going to have to knock down a wall and live in very tight quarters, and the other house as cute as it was had some updating that needed to happen and a kitchen that needed to be moved around quite a bit. Both of these factors were making it really difficult to be happy and totally pumped about either house. And that is when a light bulb went off! We don’t have to compromise (just yet)! We have time to look for more houses! We have four months before our lease is up, and we can be a bit picky. Don’t they say that it is a buyer’s market right now? Well if that is the case we should be able to find lots of great options, without having to compromise on much. We both really want a perfect house for our future family and neither of these was perfect. Since we have time we concluded it might be worth it to see if that perfect house is out there.

Just as soon as we made that decision a new house came on the market that is totally adorable. We are going to look at it this weekend. It is still not totally perfect, but it reminded us both that there are going to be more options, and possibly options with less compromising. We have the luxury of not having pressure and I think it will behoove us to wait and see if there are better houses out there. 

It reminded me of when I bought a wedding dress. Talk about scary. That was, other than my car, the most expensive single thing I have bought. I was terrified I was going to make the wrong choice. I felt rushed and pressured because I had my mom and sister with me. I bought a dress in one weekend. It was on sale, and it was absolutely stunning, and I do still love it. But could there have been better buys out there? Could there have been better dresses out there for me if I have not let the stress and pressure get to me? I am sure of it. I will never know though. From that experience I am trying to grow and learn. This time I have done research, I will know every angle and I will not have any pressure. This is supposed to be fun right?

So getting back to the fun I wanted to recommend some great websites I have been stalking for home décor, organizational, and furniture inspirations: 

Houszz.com – This website has like a million pictures of all sorts of fabulous homes. You can search by room, décor, style pretty much anything you want and you can “pin” your items on to their boards or your Pintrest board. This brings me to my next: 

Pintrest.com- In case you live under a rock, this is the new(ish) website where you pin all your ideas and inspiration on to your categorized boards. I love it. 

Younghouselove.com – I love me some John and Sherry home décor on the cheap.

Hope you guys all feel inspired like I do. I will let you know when I know when we have found the perfect home!