Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday outfit

As part of my New Years resolution here is my outfit for today. My co-worker said I looked cute!!!! Look at me being all put together and such. Now I know you all are like bitch is wearing a cardi and pants, but seriously this is a HUGE improvement from my old outfits. So cut me some slack.

So the breakdown, I am wearing a necklace my sister gave me for Christmas, I think it might be from a local store. I am wearing a cardigan from Banana Republic. It is Kaki/gold ish and silver. I was not really sure about it when I bought it but now I am so happy about it! My pants are from Ann Taylor loft, Marisa fit. I love these pants. And well my shoes are not on because really I am still rocking sneakers and my bad ass boot. Who needs to see that?

More goodness to come! I am already planning out my next achievement.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Job = Blogger FAIL

So my new job is awesome. I think I am going to like it a lot. It is going to be a lot of hard "adult" work. I have to do real stuff now, which kind of puts a cramp in my blogging style. DAMMIT I know! I can't even check the blogger websites and have in turn already missed out on a HH this year with all the other bloggers in town BOOO for me!

So I am trying to limp along this year and see if I can keep up blogging. I am not sure if can do it but I am going to try. This whole thing has been really therapeutic for me and I love to read about everyone else.

So for my first post of 2011 I will give you and update on my plan for 2011. One of my New Year's resolutions is going to be taking care of myself. Being healthy, not getting totally wasted anymore, working out (once I can feel my foot again) and keeping my weight under control. These are all things that I kind of do already, so it should not be a big deal. So my big challenge will be FASHION!!!

I am determined to be fashionable at my new job. Not that I was horrible at my last job, but come on, throwing on a pair of size 10 pants when I am now a 4 and a shirt from Target circa 2002 is not really a "look" now is it? SO I got some money for Christmas to buy new clothes from my family and my "poppy" got me a new suit from Dillard's that I totally love. It is like a real one not one from Target that I have had for 4 years that does not fit. I am pumped.

I am going shopping today and I am hoping to find some good stuff. I will let you know what I find and I am also going to try and start taking pictures of cute ensembles I put together at least two times a week. This is my goal. We will see if it happens. This is a goal that should not only help me out but I am hoping will make me take myself more seriously at my new "big kid"job. Here is to a new year!