Monday, September 28, 2009

The MOST Amazing Race!

This weekend I spent 90% of my time hanging out with my sister and brother in-law as well as my AWESOME niece Annabelle. She is perfect in every way and totally hysterical. This picture is just one of a million. I think she is the funniest little girl in the world. Then when I got home fiance and I decided to do some DVR catching up while eating wildly not WW friendly pizza. Whatever, don't judge. As we were flipping through the recordings I was delighted to find that the Amazing Race started! I LOVE THAT SHOW.
It is literally the only show where I actually have, and will continue to try out for. I think my fiance and I would be funny as all heck on that show. We are both super competitive, in fact game night is banned at our house due to the fights we have had in the past from technicalitys during Crainum. We yell at each other the "encourage" each other and both of might just trip an old lady if that meant getting the that pit stop first on the show. Not going to lie, don't judge.

This week the teams went to Tokyo. I am totally jealous. They had to eat sushi, and at that they had to eat wasabi bombs! When fiance and I watch this show we watch it like we are actually participating in it. I say what challenges he would do and he says what he would be screaming at me if I screwed up. Its funny really, dont think we are weird. So the wasabi bomb challenge of course would go to him because he would eat anything. Then I was like "I would be screaming hurry the F up P^%$*" yes we really are that comepetitve, dont judge. So then they have to heard ducks in Vietnam. Fiance and I were both screaming at the TV like oh come on I could totally do that, what the heck hearding ducks cant be that hard. After the show was over we then turned to eachother and said something along the lines of, "thank got we are marrying eachother because no one else would love us".

Is this true, are we the only ones that get that competitve with thier significant others? Are we the only ones that think the producers at CBS are stupid for not picking us to run that race? Are we the only ones that totally obsess about everything that we would do on that race and how we would roll around in a bed of money when we won? NO?!? What? Wait...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I am just a fat kid in a (now) skinny girl's body

So as you know I moved here to Austin after college. I was a college cheerleader and was always fairly thin and in shape all in all now looking back, I was kinda a hottie (not bragging but I totally wish I looked like that now).When I moved here though, I was introduced to the wonderfulness that is queso. My weight gain begins there. From that point on, margaritas, burritos, BBQ, frito pie and anything fried were quickly added to my food catalog while coincidentally completely eliminating any walking at all, to anything, EVER. I quickly added about 15 lbs in a year. OK that's kinda normal for office workers and college grads. But then I met Fiance, and my fascination with wataburger began. I LOVE wataburger. I would get on maybe a twice weekly basis a #1 with cheese and ketchup only (notice how I eliminate all vegetables from that) and sub a large chocolate shake in for a drink. COME ON! That's amazing. But hence I gained maybe another 20 lbs in the first year of dating.
So now we are here, September 2009. Since March I have been eating nothing but healthy breakfasts and lunches, with the occasional splurge here and there. I mostly cook all of our dinners from scratch and I don't really eat red meat anymore. I have lost about 20 lbs in total in 2009. That's a great accomplishment, I am super proud of it. BUT I am still totally a fat kid dying to get out. My cravings are getting to me more and more.Today some bitch (not really she's totally just a nice old lady in the office) brought in an array of pastries from central market. A HUGE array of everything that I dream of. Cupcakes, cinnamon buns with cream cheese frosting, muffins with real butter and the list goes on. So I hear her announce she has all of this at her desk. I first react with, no I am OK but thanks. But then I am like well maybe I can go look at the stuff, see what she has, can't be all that great. BIG mistake. I saw the cinnamon buns and I was done! I walked away three times before caving and having a quarter of one. It was A-MAZ-ING. I proceeded explained to one of my coworkers that I was now fantasizing about slathering that cream cheese frosting all over myself and/or bathing it. I love frosting, sweets all things ad for me pretty much. I am literally salivating over the idea of going over there and eating the WHOLE tray of sticky buns. What is wrong with me? I took 9 months to just loose part of what I need to loose. And I bought my wedding dress already, in the size I am NOW! What the hell?

But ohhhhh those cinnamon buns.... they are calling to me.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yankee Deep Thoughts

With my two best friends in town from Philly this past weekend I was forced to realize a few things about me have changed since living my Yankee life. It makes me sad a bit when I think that I might not be quite as "Hard Core" as I once was.

First take this into consideration. When my friends got ready to go out for a night of dinner, dancing and drinking downtown they got dressed up. Heals, nice dresses/skirts, super hip accessories and all. Me on the other hand had a break down because I was fully planning on wearing cowgirl boots and jeans with a cute top out. I mean really, I can not have ever thought that this was a fashionable look when I lived in Philly, but here NOOOO problem here in Texas. I am not putting down the boots, jeans and cute top at all BTW I totally wore it the next night to dinner. My friends Kate and Sarah literally pinned me into this hot tube dress and gold heals to go out and not going to lie, I looked hot. So thanks Yankee friends.

Second, bugs no longer freak me the F out like the used to. I took my best friends to the beautiful chapel Dulcinea out in driftwood to take in the view at sunset. I had my cowboy boots and cute top on while they again had their totally fantastic peep toe high heals and skinny jeans on. While walking I am pretty sure Kate and Sarah thought that they might be eaten by a rattle snake or something alone those lines. Meanwhile, when the hell did I become the calm one when in a ten mile radius of any sort of bug!!!??? I am all no worries the snake wont bother us. Then on the walk back it was already dark and I saw one of the funniest things ever. Sarah never moved so fast when she saw something, what she dubbed a bat, fly past her. Meanwhile I am all no worries I don't think the bats are back yet from Mexico, we should be cool. Really I did not pee myself? Really?

Lastly, apparently I drive like a maniac now and my friends thought they were going to die several times. Maybe its my depth perception or confidence in driving. Maybe its their lack of experience exiting the highway at 90. Whatever it is I think I heard one too many OMG out of them both this weekend to think I drive like a normal Yankee anymore. The speed limit up there is 55 on all highways. Can any of you imagine doing 55 on Mopac? YOU WOULD GET RUN OVER! Here its only acceptable to go 70 or more.

I feel as though I am becoming just a little more Austinite and just a little less Philly. But don't fret I did almost rip a guys face off at the Jason Mraz concert last week for telling fiance to keep his bitch on a leash. So I guess all my tough city girl persona is not go just yet.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Philly Girls Weekend Recap!

As I mentioned my besties from Philly came to town this weekend for a little wedding shopping and a lot of fun! Sarah and Kate are two of the best girlfriends I could ask for!

We started the weekend with dinner at my house. We cooked up a storm of WW friendly food, including an heirloom tomato salad, asparagus soup, garlic and lemon white fish, and zucchini fries. All the recipes we used I found on Gina's Weight Watcher's Recipes. I love her stuff. Kelly and Janet, my other two bridesmaids (and fantastic friends I might add) were able to come for dinner as well, so I had almost all of my bridesmaids in one place! My sister, and MOH was not able to make it :( Here is a picture of the heirloom tomato salad we made:Friday we ran town lake and then went shopping at the Domain and the Arboretum. We then went to Malaga for tapas and wine with WF and some of our other friends. I loved the dinner there and can not wait to go back and try it again. We had lots of excellent options. We then headed out on the town for some drinking and dancing.

Saturday we went bridesmaid dress shopping! First we tried Unbridaled but I found their dresses to be super overpriced and I was a bit discouraged. We then went to Serendipity where we found a SUPER cute dress that we think will work for all the girls. Here is Kate in the dress:
We will be ordering it in a brown and cream option. But honestly if any of these colors were in my wedding I would have gotten this one! I thought it was super cute!

Saturday night we went out to hill country for a wine tasting at Mandola's and then dinner at the restaurant. I LOVE that place for dinner. It's my favorite Italian place in town. WF fiance was even able to make it out for dinner and drinks.

Sunday was the worst day of the weekend, because the girls headed home. I was really sad to see them go because I just hate not living by them. Who knows what might happen though. Maybe fiance will get a job up there and I can see them all the time! After the girls headed home WF and I watched the UT football game and relaxed the rest of the day. We even found a girl on the knot who was selling her centerpieces and I bought the vases from her. I really am happy about the purchase. Click on Rachael's blog to see what we bought.

Such a fun weekend and I feel like we get some much done. I love those Philly Girls and miss them to death already. More pictures to come....

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jason Mr. A-Z

Fiance and I went to the Jason Mraz concert on Tuesday. It was so much fun. The music was great and I just always love going to see Jason, he is so taleted. This was my fourth time to see him live and I keep planning on going to see him when he comes to town. Here is a picture of us at the concert!

On another note my wonderful future husband gets me flowers sometimes and he brought me flowers to fill out new engagement gift from his grandparents. It was super sweet and I thought I would throw him a little thank you for being so cute and thoughtful!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wedding Nightmare

So I have yet again had another wedding nightmare. This one was about my wedding dress.

A little background information. I have picked out the most wonderful dress in the world and I love it. I can't wait to wear it on my wedding day. But as all of you brides out there know you inevitably have second thoughts or just little glimpses of fear that you will end up hating it. I bought my dress over a year before my wedding and I knew when I bought it that I was going to have these little panic attacks. But I went ahead and bought it anyway because well it was on sale and I am cheap.

Anyway, so I had this dream that I went to pick up the dress from the dress shop and it was in a black plastic bag. I did not bother to look at the dress. I put on the dress the day of my wedding and did not pay too much attention to it (for some unknown ridiculous reason) and walked down the isle. As I was saying my vows I asked my future husband if he thought I looked sexy. His response was you are always beautiful but I did think you would pick something better than a moo moo for this occasion. I look down and the dress shop had given me the entirely wrong dress! The worst part was all of my pictures were in this horrible looking dress. I was so upset that I left the reception and yelled at the dress people, who insisted I picked out that piece of crap! I was furious. I then ended the night wearing sweatpants and sitting in my room alone. It was horrible. I guess this is my minds way of getting me back for being super judgy about other people's ugly dresses.

This is close to what I had on in the wedding of my nightmare:
I dont know if I can take this for another year.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Convention Recap and More!

As some of you might know I was in Dallas this last week and weekend for my company's annual convention. It was a lot of fun and I happen to be so lucky to work for an association with FANTASTIC membership. We always work super hard but always have a good time doing it. I got to see some of the Dallas area as well, which was a treat because I don't know much about the area. We went to dinner at a place called Javier's by Southern Methodist. Such a treat. I had an amazing meal and then got to share in some cigars and wine with a few of the big wigs from the association, which of course made me feel special! :)

Fiance had to make an emergency rip up to Connecticut to see his grandma so Harry got to have a surprise visit with Petey and Ginger for the weekend and I have heard he had a lot of fun. Kelly was even so kind as to send me some video of him "playing" but they are to pornographic for me to post here.

This week I am getting ready to go see Jason Mraz with fiance, which I am totally excited about. I love him and know it will be a great show. I am also getting ready to host my two best friends from my Yankee days. They are coming to town for a visit and to help me with some wedding planning things! I am so glad they are going to be here. We are even going to go bridesmaid dress shopping with my other great friend Janet! So excited for the week ahead. Is it Thursday yet?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was a lot of fun. The weekend fun did not really start until Sunday. Our friend Emily came through town to visit for a bit with her super cute son, Nathan. It was a short visit but of course it was wonderful to see them both. Then we headed to brunch with Jason and Amelia. It was so great to celebrate with them. We had an amazing brunch at the Belmont. I don't know if many people know of this brunch but you MUST try it out. It works like this. You pay $14.95 for all you can eat. They also have $5 pitchers of mimosas. WONDERFUL idea. We proceeded to chow down on captain crunch french toast, eggs benedict, migas, bacon, sausage and lots of other great stuff.

After brunch Jason and Amelia decided it would be a good idea to continue the mimosa drinking while watching all three extended versions of the "Lord of the Rings". People do you have any idea how long those movies are? We did make a pretty fun drinking game out of every homo- erotic moment between Sam and Frodo though. We passed out and napped with our dog Harry and only made it through the first two. It was a valiant effort and was a great night all in all.Monday I had to finally bring my engagement ring in to be sized. I did not want to do it at all because it takes up to three weeks to come back to me. That makes me sad. But after a long goodbye I was able to give it up. I can't wait to get it back. My hand feels very naked now.

Fiance and I are getting ready for a busy week. I will be working in Dallas for a convention and he is working hard to take care of the house and our dog. I am nervous. We are doing movie night tonight and we are cooking dinner together. I am really excited to spend some time with him before I leave.

T-minus 8 days till my Philly girls come! :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Year From Today

A year from today I will be marring my best friend. I am so blessed that I have a man like him in my life. I know he and I have a LOT to cover in the next year but we can do it together. I am so excited to see him and officially start our lives together!

Next year at this exact time I will be getting into my wedding dress and probably thinking about what he is going to look like when he sees me coming down the isle to him. I know he is going to look so HOT! :) I know he will be really excited, yet totally nervous that everyone will be paying attention to him, haha! I just can't wait to marry you my love!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wedding Ispiration

Alright ladies, It took me a while but this is what I have so far. What are your thoughts. It's a work in progress and Of course its not exactly what I want. But you get the idea!
Romanitic Texas Rustic Warm

Images from Oh How Charming!, Jose Villa Photography, Victoria Canada Weddings and Events, Oh How Charming!, stella alesi/photography, Oh How Charming!, CUSTOM EVENT GROUP, Boutwell Studio, Lisa Lefkowitz, Jose Villa Photography, Lisa Lefkowitz, CUSTOM EVENT GROUP, Orchard Cove Photography, Atrendy Wedding, Sedona Bride

Weekend Recap and More

This past weekend was yet another pretty unadventurous weekend and I loved every minute of it. As Kelly told you all we went on a little shopping trip. As you know I have been in a shopping rut and she was a big help in coming up with some ideas. I bought several sale pieces and I am very happy with my purchases. I may or may not still return them, based on my guilt level. I will deiced after I boast about my finds though...

First we have this cute lavender top from J.Crew:
Then we have these cute cropped work pants from Banana:

We also have this cute shirt on sale from J Crew (i got mine in blue):After the lovely shopping experience I had with miss Kelly I went home and had traditional movie night with Fiance and watched 17 again. VERY cute movie. I highly recommend it, especially if you like some ZEXY Zach Effron! :)
Saturday I went to Amelia's wine and cheese party house warming. She has done such great stuff with her house and I envy her attention to all the little details in her home. She and her Fiance have such a great attitude and their whole house exudes warmth and friendliness.

Sunday Fiance and I did NOTHING! We had so much to do and just chose to procrastinate. I always say that's the best way... :) We did however have Tru Blood night and enjoyed having Ameliea and Jason over for dinner. They brought us Mighty Fine, ummm YUMMY!

Last night Fiance and I had a date, and he took me to go see the "Time Travelers Wife" So good! It was sad of course, but it was so good. I love Rachel McAdams and therfore loved the movie. Plus if any of you have seen this you know the house they live in is absolutly amazing, and now I hope to one day own a house just like it in the city!

This brings me to my big news. Even with the Mighty Fine I hit my goal weight on the scale this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOO WHO! I know I will have gained by the time I get to my WW meeting tonight, but now I know it is possible! YEAH for me! I can't wait to stop paying for WW and start eating just a bit more.