Monday, November 30, 2009

Get ready!

I am about to blow your minds with all of my holiday updates and pictures. I have been pretty busy today and will be busy tomorrow at work. So in case you were sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for an update you will get it soon!

Everything went so well. The table was perfect, the dinner was yummy, my pre-cooked turkey was juicy, and we had so much fun with my future mother in law and WF grandpa! What a special time of year.

I will show you lots of pictures and give you the full run down in just a bit!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sneak Peak of Engagments

We took our engagement pictures this weekend. Carli from Inked Fingers posted a few of them up on Facebook. Here is just a teaser:





Hope you guys like them. There will be more to follow! Thank you again Carli for all of your hard work and taking the time to take these wonderful pictures! 

Friday, November 20, 2009

Cleaning Update

So ladies I told you Monday that I had a lot of stuff to do this week. Little did I know that all the planning the world would not have prepped me for all the work I have done this week. I not only have gotten all the cleaning (except for the pantry organizing) done. I have also returned all the possible table setting items and settles on linins for thanksgiving. I got them all from BBB and think we picked a good one. I like that I can use it all fall and not just for thanksgiving. Here is what it looks like:
(Sorry no pictures)

I have also prepped all of the food for tonight’s birthday party for WF. He is turning 28 so he is feeling a bit “old”. To help combat this I have planned quite a few surprises for him and our friends and I am hoping to make him feel like a kid once again. Some of the highlights include a cupcake bar and guitar hero tournament on our Wii. There is a theme for the night but I want to keep it a surprise for my guests so I will unveil it with pictures next week. But it is awesome!

This weekend I will be cleaning the house once again after the party and then doing a HUGE grocery shopping trip for Thanksgiving. I am hoping that I can go early Sunday morning before anyone else gets up and just get it done.

Then the best part of the weekend, our engagement pictures! Woo Whoo!  We have not settled on all of our locations just yet but I am looking forward to getting to know Carli better as well as getting to spend some time making out with WF! I am really excited because I think I have finalized what I am wearing, barring any additions my girlfriends might make tonight at the party.

I can’t wait to share them all with you guys! Hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fashion Trends I cant Pull off – Part two

First, as an update let me tell you about what has been going on on my Facebook page. A friend put a posting on my wall about how she disagreed about my not being able to pull of skinny jeans. Meanwhile she is one of those super tall thing girls that can pull of any fashion trend! Here is the conversation from my page between my self, and my friends Amy and other blogger Amelia:

Amy: Read your blog post on skinny jeans ... lol, and I think perhaps you just haven't found the right pair. Once you do, it's all you'll wear. Promise. Or maybe try straight legs (if you need baby steps). Congrats on the tights outfit. Now work the belt and try this one - shorts, stocking, boots ... I KNOW!

Amelia: i have to have to be built like amy or heidi klum to look good in skinny jeans. for the rest of us, they make our legs look exactly like an upside down triangle as you so eloquently put it. with gigantic boat feet. NOT a good look for 99.9% of the population.
although i DID buy a pair to wear with jeans...this is totally different. :)

Christine: Amelia, I am so glad you have my back on this! There is no way to make this look go right on my body type. It's truly horrible. I am currently freaking out though cus I apparently have no sense of style and cant figure out what the heck to wear for these silly pictures! I might need you to come over Friday and tell me if I look like and upside down triangle in what I have. Maybe even borrow some fantastic accessories for my fashionista friend Amelia?

See Amy you are just lucky - you are freakishly tall and thin. If you were not my friend I would have to hate you... :)

So then Amelia, decides to post on her own page about this controversy, showing two pictures of models, one in skinny jeans and one in boot cut. Here is her post:

RE: the skinny jean controversy...

i feel that from the following pictures, we can all agree that the second pair of jeans (the boot cut) makes even this model - who CAN pull off the skinny jeans, much like amy and heidi - look so much thinner and more proportional...

And here are her pictures, let me know what you guys think:

In the mean time other fashion trends I can not pull off -

The flower headband, its just not a good look on me:

Monday, November 16, 2009

Fashion Trends I Can’t Pull Off

In my recent quest to find great new outfits for my engagement pictures I have come to realize that I am a bit out of touch when it comes to fashion. Or maybe I am just more traditional or classic? Whatever the case is this is a post about fashion trends this Yankee can not pull off.

First on my list is Skinny Jeans.

What the hell are these horrible abominations you people call jeans. They make me look like an upside down triangle. Seriously what is wrong with my body in that I can not put on a cute pair of skinny jeans and pair of high heals and call it a night? I tried some of these so called pencil fit jeans at J Crew the other day and immediately thought I was looking into a funhouse mirror. My whole body looked out of whack. Like someone must be fucking with me right now, because I thought I just lost 20 pounds not ate a baby. I mean really the only people that can really pull this super cute casual look off are ten foot tall models and little pixy bitches that I loath. I am sorry if you are wearing this look and pulling it off, cus I am just a hater. I just don’t get how anyone looks good in this look.

I did however try a “new” fashion trend out on Friday and totally had a “How I Met Your Mother” moment. I wore leggings and a cute dress with ballet slippers and I was Pulling. Them. Off. I worked that outfit all day. I can’t believe it took me a year to figure that outfit out. I am loving it and am already planning several other attempts at this look and might even try it with an oversized sweater and boots next week. Who knows I might go a bit CRAZY and even “belt that shit” as Jmo says.

In the mean time I am currently in my A-line skirt and sweater set with pearls and heals. Guess the fashionista in me has a bit of work to do.

My Week in Cleaning

As I look at my calendar of the next two weeks I get chest palpitations thinking about all the stuff I have to do. As a way to help with stress I break down my week by days and hours and plan out everything I have to do to prep for all that is going on. So that this post is not too overwhelming I will only tell you about this week. Take note and let me know if you like any of my ideas. I know I am anal but maybe I am helpful too!

Cleaning the house:
I plan the cleaning of my house by least used to most because chances of stuff getting messed up over five days in my guest room are much lower than in one hour in my living room. So this why I break things down as follows.

MONDAY - Clean guest room. Wash sheets, fluff pillows, vacuum, wash curtains, dust, clean spot in closet for guests stuff, put away any random stuff that is out.
                   - Clean laundry room. I recently bought a gift wrap organizer to help keep track of what I already have throughout the holidays. You can buy these at container store. They cost like 20 to 30 bucks and are totally worth it. I will be cleaning the tops of the washing machine and dryer, dusting anything and reorganizing shelving.
TUESDAY - Clean dining room. I will be putting together the table and decor for the dining room. Dusting bookshelves and light fixtures. Vacuuming and dusting the window treatments. Washing windows.
                   - Figure out layout for buffet for WF's birthday party and lay out all serving trays.
WEDNESDAY - Clean guest bathroom and kitchen. Deep clean oven and microwave, clean out pantry and check list off of anything I need for party and Thanksgiving. Cleaning out fridge and freezer, make sure nothing is old and outdated. Organize cabinets and make sure all serving items are prepped for Thanksgiving.
THURSDAY - Clean master bedroom and bathroom. Wash sheets, dust, wash window treatments, clean floors and vacuum, clean toilet and vanity, empty garbage and replace toiletries. Prep both bathrooms for guests adding extra toilet paper, hand towels and soap.
                      - Clean living room. Dust and vacuum and put out linens for party.
FRIDAY - Wipe down kitchen and cook for party. Party starts at 730 so I will be prepping pizzas and appetizers right after work and then have them in the oven when guests get there. Will be putting out pitcher of water and bowl of beer and drinks. Napkins and paper plates will be put out at this time as well. I am also going to be baking cupcakes one of the nights and refrigerating them to make a cupcake bar for WF. I think it is a fun activity. I will be putting it out like a buffet. I will provide pictures for you all to check out.

Saturday I am going to be cleaning from the party and changing out decor for Thanksgiving. Also doing laundry and prepping house for guests. More on that next week. Sunday are the e-pics! Super excited.

GOD I am seriously obsessive aren't I?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hey Fatty Get Your Own Food

I am pissed. I just went in to eat lunch and found that someone ate my apple and someone else took my carrots and put their name on it, whilst (you like that? I used whilst) eating my cottage cheese!!! REALLY?!? REALLY??? Come on! So now all I have to eat for lunch is my Greek yogurt and honey with a low carb tortilla. WTF!?! FML...

And we have a winner!

We picked our officiant today. After a lot of contemplation we decided to go with the person who was going to be there for both our rehearsal and the ceremony. Even with the extra cost it just felt right for us. I posted on "The Knot" message board about these two guys and both came highly recommended. But I found out that the one we were going to go with may have been picking and choosing to come to certain rehearsals and not others. Even if that was not true, I just did not want to have any doubt in my mind. It's funny because I did not think this would be a difficult vendor for me to choose but so far this has been the most challenging part.

I am excited to check something else off the list of wedding planning. So far we have a location, coordinator, dress, photographer and a few other small things taken care of. Next thing to tackle will be our STD's and first for that project is our engagement pictures. We are taking them next Sunday. I am so excited. I am currently trying to figure out what to wear and where to take the pictures. My progress on my 5 pounds in 5 weeks is coming along very well. So now I feel like I can get excited about picking out a few nice outfits for the occasion. We are going to try and save on postage this Christmas and do our STD's as our Christmas card. I am ordering generic postcards from Vista Print with a great picture of us on the front. I am hoping to add some personal details like a stamp and some other things on the back.

Thanks for all your input ladies and now I am off to the next thing!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thanksgiving Menu!!

OK ladies (cus let's face it no boy's read this) I am proud to present my first attempt at a Thanksgiving menu. I researched many of my cookbooks and websites. I love "Real Simple" and I got several great ideas for side dishes there as well. Above is a picture of my end table with all of the different books and recipe cards I went though last night. (notice that none of the following is from the WW book, hey I tried) So here you go:

Breakfast (for watching the parade and after the Turkey Trot)
Sour Cream Coffee Cake - My family recipe, best in the world. VERY Yankee traditional cake.

Hearts of Romain with walnuts and Parmesan - Real Simple
Cornbread muffins with homemade spiced pumpkin butter - combination of a few recipes
Mashed sweet potatoes (covered in marshmallows) YUM - Joy of Cooking
Creamed Onions - My future mother in law's recipe and Joy of Cooking
Glazed Carrots - My mom's family recipe  and in Joy of Cooking
Turkey or Ham - I am buying it pre-made. I don't think my oven would cook it right, I know I cheat.

Cinnamon Coffee in French Press
Bourbon Pecan Pie - Real Simple
Pumpkin Pie - Homemade by my future mother in law.

So what are your thoughts? I am super excited. I know it is a lot of food for a smaller group. I am going to half both the creamed onions and the mashed sweet potatoes. I just cant have Thanksgiving without either of them. Now I am going to work on finding ways to make them just a little bit healthier. Ugh...

And just in case you read my blog about grocery shopping and you questioned weather I actually am THAT anal. Here is the front of my fridge:

Notice both the shopping list and my menu. I also have coupons cut and the Target add up there for my next trip. (I will not spend crap loads of money next time!) Psychotic Impressive I know.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Officiant Update

Fiance and I interviewed several officiants for the wedding. We met with two that we both really liked. I need your advice though. One of them was super laid back, a pastor, has done a friend's wedding and will be there for both the rehearsal and the wedding, but costs a bit more than I would like to pay. The other one was recommended by like 10 people on the knot, was SUPER nice and right on top of all of the details of the service. WF and I really loved him BUT he does not come to rehearsals. That makes us super nervous. But he was perfect other than that.

What should I do? Do I trust that the one guy who does not do rehursals will fo a great job? Ugh I hate this.

Friday, November 6, 2009

So It Begins

Last night as I was baking brownies for our semi weekly dinner with the girls with Kelly and Janet I decided to start to plan out my table layout for Thanksgiving. I am hosting the holiday at my house for the first time. I am super nervous about hosting. I have never made Thanksgiving dinner and I feel a bit ill equipped. BUT I am going to do my best to blow my guests minds with my home making skills and creative genius in the kitchen. Fiance's mom and grandpa are coming so I have to keep it pretty formal and I would like to make it a really special evening.

So first things first, the table. I don't have any new and fancy stuff for the table yet so I am trying to work with what we have and buy things sparingly. I was originally thinking I would just use my regular white dishes and then buy chargers or something. Then WF suggested we use the china I inherited from my grandma, great idea! So after some confusion about what dish was what I finally laid it all out. What do you guys think? The silverware we inherited from Fiance's mom. I thought she would get a kick out of us using it. I am planning on buying a tablecloth and then using a runner.

Just for a better look at the pattern I took a picture up close: 

I know the pattern is not really holiday like, but I still love it. Don't you?

Just cause my dog is so cute, he was helping. 

This is fiance and Harry staying out of my way as I plan. Just had to put that up! 

Some addional inspiration for my thanksgiving table. I am thinking warm, rustic, organic, family.


More ideas and planning to come. Next is menu and centerpices. Oh BOY!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Grocery Shopping Tips

So I always tell you guys how organized I am but I never really share any helpful tips. So I thought I would share my thoughts on grocery shopping. It is a task that at one point I hated and now I look forward to. I read one girls blog about this last week and though well crap I do that and more. So here is my attempt to help you all out!

Grocery Shopping:

1. Plan out your menu. I do this every time I go shopping. I really feel it is a good way to save money and time in the end. I usually take about 30 minutes before I head out to the store to go through my fridge and pantry and see what I already have. I then look for recipes that might go with what I already have. Marking on my list any additional items I might need to buy.
2. Try a new meal. I always pick one new meal every trip to attempt. This time it was eggplant parm. I have never made it before and was always intimidated by it. But I put the items on my list and bought everything I needed.I never try something new that has lots of ingredients I would never use again. I try to use what I have while still mixing it up.
3. Go over your basics and write those down too. I used to walk around the store and just have all my basics I knew I should get. But for some reason I would end up with doubles of things or forget other items. So I take the extra minute or two to write everything down and check to make sure if I really need everything.
4. Have a plan of attack when heading into the store. I always have a budget in mind for what I can spend on food on each trip. I come in knowing that all the frill items I might want to buy (like wine and maybe hair products)will be put on the end of the check out line and if I am over my budget on things we really need I start to make cuts. Although you might annoy the check out guy a bit, you are sticking to your budget and that's never a bad thing.
5. Stick to the outside rim of the store. People always walk up and down all the isles. It is so not necessary. You just don't have to do that. Most of the time items in the isles are processed and packaged, therefore not as good for you and they cost more money. It's true! So think about what you really need from isle four before you walk down it. Look at what is listed on the isle marker and then look at your list. It will save you time and money in the end.
6. Check the dates. I always check the dates on all my dairy products. You will find that the newer stuff is in the back of the row and if you take those two extra seconds to not grab the front carton of milk you might add a week onto the shelf life of the item!
7. Use a pre-made list. I love Real Simple's grocery list. Its organized by the flow of the grocery store. So as you walk through each section of the store is will be the next section on your list. It also has space to fill in extra things you need and even reminds you to buy certain household items that I usually don't think of when I grocery shop. Like trash bags and hand soap. I got mine from WF last year for Christmas but I know he got it from Target.They have lots of these types of things out there though. Its worth the investment!
8. Write out your menu. Don't just write down the ingredients you need for your dishes on your list but then on a separate note pad write out what you planned to make. I keep mine on the fridge and it looks like a menu, then when I make it I cross it off. I also write out the cookbook I got it from and the page number. That way those days that I am like ugh I have nothing to cook, I can just look at my menu on the fridge and realize I have all the fixings to make meal A,B and C. It saves me time, money and having to think about dinner too much!

I hope these thoughts help you! They make my life easier! Let me know if any of you have any other ideas to save money and time while grocery shopping. I always like to try new things!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Yes I know it is only Wednesday. But this week STINKS! I can't belive my luck. I have just totally fallen apart since this weekend and have had sever (yes several) mini breakdowns.

First Monday morning I did not have the right stuff for my normal lunch. I was pretty pouty about that, if I had only known I would have just gotten back in bed right then. Then while out at lunch running 10 errands I still have to get done I had a panic attack as I realized that I forgot to take my sweet sweet puppy out to go pee in the morning. Fearing the worst I promptly headed home to let him out. No big deal except I was on the other end of town and drove about 30 minutes north to go home. Ugh. Well about 5 minutes away from home I remembered that I did let him out. Double ugh! So I figured I would drop off my dry cleaning. After checking my pile of stuff three and four times I realized the the fabulous dress I borrowed from my friend Kelly was GONE! No where to be found at all. I went home checked everywhere as well as in my car and it was no where to be found at all. So after calling everyone I could who might know where the dress was I resigned to the fact that it was gone. So then I had to replace the dress. I called every store in central Texas where they might carry the dress and finally found it at a store on the other end of town. As we all know in Austin driving from one end of the city to the other during rush hour BLOWS! So I finally made it home two hours later than normal. Stupid MOPAC.

My dog had no food and neither did we. So I went to HEB to remedy that situation. Well I get there and there are NO GROCERY CARTS! Goodness really? Really!? So after asking several people to help me find one and no response I caved and just grabbed a small arm basket. I proceeded to rush through grabbing absolute necessities. I proceeded to hit a kid in the head, who was sitting on the floor in the middle of HEB (REALLY! Thanks crazy mom for thinking that was a good idea) So I got home and had a small panic attack in my closet while folding laundry. WF rescued me and put me promptly to bed.

Determined to make Tuesday better I got to work. I tore though the start of this huge project. Well at about 3 I realized that I had been processing this whole thing wrong!!! I have to now do it all over again and my boss got on me about how I cost us a bunch of time and money. I ended up crying in the bathroom for a while, all the while freaking out that they are going to fire me.

All in all this week had gotten off to a crappy start. If I don't get fired I am hoping to make up for my mistake and get more organized and on top of everything. I still feel horrible about Kelly's dress and I still want to shoot myself in the foot when I think about mistake I made at work. I have to make this better! What the heck is going on with me!