Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just the two of us...We can make it if we try!

In the last few weeks with this job change I have had a lot of other changes happen in my life as a result. For example I can no longer cook meals and work out in the same night. If I do attempt this I need to plan way ahead and it usually involves a crock pot meal of some sort. I also don’t work in downtown Austin anymore, which is great for my commute to work but horrible for my lunch time errand running habits. I used to grocery shop, go to the dry cleaners, tailors, get my dog groomed all in central Austin on my lunch break. Now I have to adjust how all of this is done. Most of it now has to wait until late night or weekends. Weekends are for drinking and sleeping not work!

I have to say I totally under estimated how much a job change was going to affect my life! It’s a great thing but it’s also a pain in the ass. Adjusting to how my new coworkers do things, what my job is going to be and what expectations they have for me is exhausting. Actually trying to figure out what my voice is has been really challenging for me. Then in addition getting back in shape after surgery while trying to fight off the first year of marriage 15lbs I have heard about has been a pain in the butt. Then you know the whole first year of marriage in general adds to it!

In the end what it comes down to is teamwork. My new husband and I are having to adjust to me actually being tired from work, and me not being able to take care of all the meals 5 days a week (except of course on Fridays, Pei Wei is the best). He is going to have to start taking over some of the responsibilities around the house. Not that he is irresponsible at all, he does a lot already. I am asking him to make dinner once a week, and idea I got from Kelly. We are encouraging each other to go to the gym and eat right. We both are trying new things around the house to make things flow better; he is taking initiative more and more. Teamwork is what makes a marriage work in the end I guess. These changes in my life will one day be in the past and we will be that much closer to even more great stuff.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's Getting Hot In Herrr/ Is the end of the world near?

 OK not to be a pessimist or anything but I am starting to get a bit concerned that the Myans may have had it right. Things have been going on in the world that just don't seem to be good.

First off, Egypt and the rest of the middle east has gone nuts! I think it is great to show the power of peacefull protests and I think it is great if everyone in the mid-east wants to get on thier twitter account and overthrow thier government. BUT I am a bit concerned as to where that leaves these countries after everything goes down. Like who will be running the region, if not for more dictators? Maybe George Clooney? Now that would be awesome.

Secondly, did you know we are in the midst of a solar flare???? It's like we are living in a "end of the world" movie. The news outlets all keep saying ehhh don't worry about NOAA has this covered, but I mean how exactly do they have this covered? Do they have a big bottle of sunscreen they will put over the planet? Will Ben Affleck and Bruce Willis get on a spaceship and shoot ice at the sun to cool that bitch down? I mean really how exactly am I supposed to think it is reassuring that only some GPS systems and only some planes will have to be rerouted and only some radio contact could go down?

Third, did you know earth might have two suns in 2012??? A star, supposidly really far away from here is going to explode/implode! It is losing mass and will eventually implode on itself and Earth should be able to see this bright light for a few weeks. Does anyone else feel a litte bit concerned about this whole idea of a freaking star IMPLODING!!!!??? This can't be good.

Fourth, this is supposed to be the last pope before the end of the world. For those of you that don't know I am Catholic. I get to hear all the cool and crazy Cathloic stories from family and it always weirds me out. But that is neither here nor there. Apparently a saint back in the day has predicted that this pope will be the last pope before the anti-Christ will trick us into taking over the church and then the WORLD. Seriously people I don't joke about the anti-Christ.

So with these stories and the news that Sarah Palin might run for president in 2010 plus the fact that for the first time since I have graduated college and am in the workforce I have money in my bank account, I am thinking this is The End.

Enjoy 2011 and 2012 people.

BTW - I totally hope you know this was all in good humor and not meant to freak anyone out and I don't actually think the world is coming to and end. Just think there is a lot of weird stuff going on in this crazy world.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Power Outfit

What do you think? We had a big meeting. I thought it looked cute.

Necklace - Not sure where my sister got it from. Blouse - Banana Republic on sale! Jacket- Ann Taylor Loft (of course). Skirt - Target last summer. Shoes - Notice I am wearing matching shoes!!!! I got these from Macy's they are Nine West.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Is it just me, or am I a total baby?

This weekend I celebrated one of my best friend's bachelorette parties. We had an amazing time, filled with dirty comments, penis straws, a party bus, stripper poles and of course "Color Me Bad". Janet, the bride, is going to be totally gorgeous on her wedding day. She is planning a fabulous wedding with so many little details that encompass who she and her fiance are as a couple. More on the party and the wedding plans later.

After the party I got to thinking about my wedding and the events leading up to my wedding. My wedding was a year of planning, thinking about every last detail I possibly could, picking the best photographer and wedding vendors I could. Worrying about everything, so much so I made myself sick. Then just like that it was just over! Like that, a switch was flipped and I was Mrs. A. I never got to really enjoy all the little details about my wedding that I loved so much. From table numbers to handmade place card holders I barely noticed them. Even when I did notice it I felt like I had to rush to do something else and then could not fully appreciate all the hard work that went into every single detail.

So I pose this question, am I being a total baby? Six months later I am still a little bummed that I did not take every moment in like I felt I should have. Is this totally normal and I should just get over myself? I had an amazing day, don't get me wrong, but I just always have this little twinge of regret that I did not slow down enough to take it all in. Another girlfriend of mine said her DOC made her take about 10 minutes with her new husband to step back and observe everything. Should every couple do this? Would it have mattered in the end?

I loved our wedding but if there was one regret it is that I did not slow down enough. From the time I got my hair done until the time I took it out with my new husband it was GO GO GO. Maybe the best thing is that I know how it feels and I can pass along the knowledge to my friends?

For now I will show you some of my favorite little details, some of these you have seen some of them are new, all of them I love:

My bouquet, I had it wrapped in fabric and lace from my mom's wedding dress. My grandma's baby ring was sewn into the flowers. 

Our dog was an adorable ring barer. 

I had our cake toppers custom made for my husband. He loves Spiderman. I loved our cake in general, even though I barely got to taste it! 

I loved the ceremony decor because it was super simple, even though I don't did not even really get a chance to take it all in. I was too busy staring at Mr. A. 

I took months finding these wine bottle table numbers. I don't really even remember what they looked like on the tables! From these pictures I can tell they looked good though! 

I don't even remember eating any of our hundreds of gummy bears! Gosh they look good now! 

I love this picture of us getting out marriage certificate signed. Seriously though, I don't remember it. 

Mr. A got me this necklace as a wedding gift. I loved it! I used his grandma's purse for the big day. 

Gosh I loved my long head table decor. I seriously spent hours coming up with this look. We probably spent a total of 10 minutes sitting at the table. 

I did not even see these! 

My sister was amazing the whole night. She got me these shoes to help with the pain in my foot. She is so sweet. 

Well there you have it. I have griped enough and now. Now looking back at everything, I have to say I had a freaking amazing wedding. I totally am a baby. I will get over myself and remember that I got to marry the best man in the world. I guess it's the big picture that matters.

Monday, February 7, 2011

A New Blog to Love

I have a new friend at work, Devon. She just finished building her dream home, a VERY cool, totally fabulous home with her husband and I recently found out she has her own blog! Let me prepare you for a blog full of information about green building and design. She is a great writer and I think you will all enjoy to hear about her escapades!

The blog is called Green House, Good Life. Check it out and enjoy, I think you will like it!

When Mr. A and I grow up we hope to have a house just like this one. Seriously, watch out Devon you might find us hanging out in your kitchen making dinner, and maybe you will even be there when we are! :)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day!

Something magical happened here in Austin, Texas today. It SNOWED!!!!! I know most of you are reading thins thinking well snow happens, it February Yankee girl, get over it. But it had literally been years since I had seen snow accumulated on the ground. 

My Mr. A got up at 5:30 this morning to be the first to play in it! This is why I love this man. He woke me up and took our dog out to see the snow. It was really freaking cold so at first I just watched from the window as he made snowballs by himself, and played with our dog, who by the way did not look happy about the snow. He came back up and got me and convinced me that I too should partake in the fun. We only get snow like once every 3 years here. 

We headed outside and attempted to make a snowman. After many tries it did not work, but we did make an arsenal of snowballs and tried to eat some of the snow. FYI - city snow taste like what you think it would taste like, nasty. We threw snowballs at each other and played outside before we got really really cold and headed back inside. Here is the scene outside out apartment at 5 am this morning: 

We then headed inside and warmed up and feel asleep. About an hour later I found out I had the day off! SWEET! He had to go to work still, but not before he woke me up with a huge cup of hot coco, and Nutella toast! Seriously, I love that man! 

It's been a while, I know I know!

Ok guys! I know its been a while. I am sorry. I am typing up a few posts today so you guys who are all obviously dying to know what's been going on with me can be satiated!

First things first, my new job is going well. Here I am in my new office. Please take notice I am dressed in clothing that coordinates! I know! You are like WHAT!?! Well my co-worker Devon, who also has a fabulous blog and I will tell you all about that later, said this outfit was picture worthy. I am wearing a scarf my MIL gave me for Christmas and a really old top from target, that is huge on me but it actually still looks fine like that. I am also wearing old brown Ann Taylor pants that I recently had hemmed and taken in. If you need a good taylor let me know I can give you a recommendation. I think they came out really well.

So in addition in this picture you can see I have an office with a real desk, chair, phone and my very own WINDOW!!! I know you are jealous! Anyway, I am really doing well at my job and I hope that it is a great change for me! Its been a lot of hard work and a huge change for me, but so far so good!

More posts to come!