Monday, October 31, 2011

Italy Trip - Day 6 - Pompeii, the site of our first travel fight

After 5 days in Italy we had our first fight. I am not really sure what the fight was about but it was stupid. I got mad and walked away from Mr. A for a while so the first few pictures I took were totally away from him and I looked super pissy in pictures. Then we reconciled, and were like "We are in Italy, let's cut the crap".

Pompeii was one of those places I had already been to but was really looking forward to getting to again. We took the train from Sorrento first thing in the morning and headed into the park. The park entrance seen below is impressive. Everything is so well preserved. Mr. A has been to Machu Pichu and said Pompeii was way bigger and impressive to see. I thought that said a lot.

Check out our photo recap below:

The new Pompeii is in the distance. I can't believe people still live there even with the real threat of the volcano blowing again!

Always civilized, they had crosswalks so your feed did not get dirty in the streets.

The main forum.
Forum looking at the volcano
Me and the Steves book and tour.

Bakery, I need to get one of these.
Then after hours of walking around I remembered that we had to go to the brothel. The Romans were very into their brothels and there are several in Pompeii. Well one of them is actually very well preserved. I was determined to find it. After being lost for about an hour we finally found it! I am pretty sure my husband was embarrassed because we kept walking around saying we needed to find a brothel. Oh well.
Me giving the come hither to the stone bed in the brothel rooms.


He wanted to order this option...

Outside of the park is the House of Mysteries, there is a famous fresco that depicts a Dionysian cult having an orgy. I of course had to find this and show it to Mr. A.

Cute dog at the train station who kept begging for food. At this point we totally started missing our pup.

It was a good day for us in the end!
That night we had dinner on the pier and met a bunch of thugs from New Jersey. It was a low key night, and the food was just ehhh. The next morning though, we got up early to head to Capri!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Italy Trip - Day 5 - Sorrento, the day I had a 10 euro sandwich

 Early in the morning we headed out from Rome's Termini station and took the fast train to Sorrento. They did not have this train when I was there. We got all the way to Napes from Rome in under an hour! The trains were so nice and totally worth the upgrade. I do have to say do not pay for first class though. The second class tickets are the same and about half the price.

We headed to Sorrento and used the beautiful city as our base of operations for our day trips around the region. The city itself is pretty small compared to Rome, but had about DOUBLE the tourists. It was nuts because we were there during the off season and it was still packed. Most of them were cruise people, ugh. Just after we arrived at our hotel, Hotel Del Mare, we walked down to the water and decided to grab a sandwich. Well in Rome they were like 2 euro and huge, in Sorrento they were still huge but 10 euro! WTF!? after the sticker shock I was ready to explore. We made the best the rest of the only kind of foggy day we had on the trip and walked around the city and did some shopping. Here is your photo extravaganza:

Just after we arrived in Sorrento. Just after ordering a panini that should have cost 2 euro, no it was 10.
Walking into town. There were a lot of steps. I was grateful after all I had been eating.
The men's club in Sorrento. Not a strip club, just a place where old men play chess... who knew!?
View out from Sorrento.
As my dear friend Kelly put it, I found a volcano!

Mr. A enjoying the foreigners club and the views. We had drinks here and chatted it up with some British couple that was prego and celebrating. It was really sweet.
The view, you cant tell but it is really pretty.
Our classy wine and glasses after the day of travel and walking around. We drank this on the roof of our hotel. Don't forget the gummy bears!
I love Italian hotels. This was really the only issue we ran into. BTW Mr. A is tall but not THAT tall.
The hotel we stayed at was highly rated on trip advisor and was actually pretty good. It was 100 euro a night and right on the water. Other than the occasional waft of gross sea air it was really perfect. Mr. A even liked the tiny shower we had because it had multiple shower heads. Heheh.

The next day we woke up early and headed to Pompeii.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Italy Trip - Day 4 - Rome while hungover makes me angry

So after a night of getting totally tanked with the best husband in the world we got started a little slower then usual. By "we" I mean me, he was all up and ready for me that asshole...

On our fourth day we headed to Ancient Rome, or just down the street from our apartment. We started with the Rick Steves free tour of the Colosseum and our free tickets! (It was some Italian holiday, so there were festivals and streets closed and we got into all historic sites for free! That 12 euro was put to good use with drinking later on this trip...)

Below are our pictures from our first stop the Colosseum:

See, the streets were closed so we got some awesome pictures!

Me and Rick hanging out.
I was hungover, but I made this happen dammit.
We then walked over to Palatine Hill, one of the seven hills of Rome and where Rome was founded:
Walking up the hill looking back
The entrance
Really old stuff...
They had a track, where people could take walks and work out. Very civilized.
The hubs reading about the ancient Romans
I loved this tree.
They had fountains in their home's courtyards.
Where Romulous (the founder of Rome) lived. I think it is so could they know where he lived.
At the top
Then we headed back down the hill and over to the Forum:
This was all the way under ground until the 1700's
Me and the Steves Book and tour... I know we are dorks.
And then we got goofy. We kept trying to get this great shot of us in front of the Colosseum considering the street was closed we thought this would be perfect. It took a while but I am sure there is a good one in here:

Got it!
And I am posting this photo because after the whole day of walking around in the heat, we had to wait like 15 minutes for the metro to arrive. It was like 90 in the subway. This is my angry husband shot:

That night we bought our tickets via the fancy fast train to Sorrento and had dinner, somewhere with less tempting wine. And hit the hey early.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Italy Trip - Day 3 - The Day I Met the Pope

Or I at least will let you think that I met him...

But seriously, we headed to the Vatican on Day three. I used to live about 20 blocks north of the city and I walked through the Piazza many times but every time I see it it still takes my breath away. I can't believe how pretty it is. Below are the pictures of our day at the Vatican and the Museums. Believe it or not, in all the time I spent in Rome I never went into Saint Peter's, the line was always so long. You are about to see what I mean: 
Walking through the walls of the Vatican.
The square.
Waiting in line to go in... a very long line yet again. But this time I waited in it.
It was SOOOO big! Overwhelmingly beautiful.
The Pope says mass here. I am totally listening to the Rick Steves tour here.
Heading back out the front door after our tour.
In the Vatican Museum
I could not get over all of the frescos and beautiful artworks. This is a pretty awesome home!
My favorite.
Super tired at this point. We had been walking around and it was super hot. I took a breather and Mr. A took pictures.
Heading out.
After the Vatican I took Mr. A to where Mrs. S and I lived during our time in Rome. Ahhh the memories...

Our balcony was so small! We had so much fun on that balcony!
Then we had lunch and I drank a large on of these!
After lunch as we walking back I took Mr. A to the market where I used to grocery shop. I then took him to the 24 hour bakery in Rome. You can smell it from blocks away! It was sooo yummy!
The best...
There was this sweet man who took like 30 minutes picking out flowers for someone. I loved him. I liked to think the flowers were for his wife of 40 years.
Before dinner that night Mr. A and I had our own snacks. We bought all of this at the local market. It was so yummy.
That night we went to a local place for dinner right down the street from our flat. That night was the night I got SUPER TANKED with Mr. A. 4 bottles of wine, followed by Limonciello TANKED! The next morning was rough...