Thursday, December 30, 2010


I realize I have not been posting here that much lately. Mainly because I have been super busy like the rest of you. I had my surgery last week and my foot is still killing me. I am happy I did the surgery but it is finally starting to set in that I will be unable to workout for like 2 months and I really miss it. I never knew how fast I would feel flabby and out of shape.

I have gained 3 pounds since the surgery, I blame my MIL's cooking and the holidays. But I am really concerned about getting fat again. I need some support and some Weight Watchers buddies to help me get back on track. I have two weddings I am in this year and I want to look fabulous for them, if anything, so I don't look like a fatty next to the beautiful brides! (Not that anyone cares what I would look like anyway)

In the mean time I also have to confess that I may have a slight addiction to my pain meds. I take one get drunk in about 5 minutes take a nap in about 40 and then feel great for 5 hours! Way easier than getting drunk. Way less calories, and I don't get a hangover! HMMM maybe I should stop taking these pills soon....

Friday, December 17, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

I am going to start my annual holiday mission of completing some random acts of kindness. I like to make people smile, it makes me feel good, which in turn is not really selfless, but hey, I am trying. So I do small things like buy a random person at Starbucks their coffee. I hope others pay it forward in some way after they get their special thing. I like to think I am living in my own personal "Pay It Forward" movie. 

Anyway, I suggest you all try this this holiday season. Times are tough for a lot of us out there right now and if everyone was just a bit nicer to each other than we could all have just a little bit better holiday! 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Decor Preview

I am married to Santa's "Director of Awesome Things" - Santa needs to be able to find our house on the big night so Mr. A took it upon himself to get into decorating our balcony. This is what he has done to our balcony for the big day. If you are lucky you might be able to see it from space.

There is lots more where that came from. Will post next week.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Christmas Wishlist - Just shoes for me please!

I was very lucky to get almost everything a girl could which for for her home for our wedding this year. This is a great thing but it also makes it very hard to come up with a non-ridiculous wish list for my family this year. (God I sound like bitch. Oh poor girl who has everything, boo freaking who.) 

Well turns out what I do need is lots of shoes. I have have been battling this annoying nerve in my foot for over a year now and I am going to finally have it taken out. YEA!!! But that means that I now can't wear almost 3/4 of my shoes. So I have asked for shoes and clothing for Christmas this year. 

Behold my dream shoes: 

Steve Madden Intyce 

They are simple and stylish without being too trendy. I am hoping to get these bad boys or some sort of equestrian boot to jazz up my "flats only" shoe needs. 

From Zappos - Clarks Pump in Pewter 

I feel these bad boys as much as they are plain in style will be a comfortable but cute option for work. I now have to have rummer soles on all my shoes so I am very limited on what I can wear. Annoying! 

From Zappos - Ugg Classic Cardy Boot 

A few years back my friend Janet got these. I have been envious of them since. I need a pair of throw on shoes other than freaking sneakers for the weekends. I am hoping these will be just the shoe for that! 

From Anthropologie - Crinkled Corona Mary-Jane's

Let's face it I am never going to get these shoes. But I love them. I want them and I think my feet would look fabulous in them. 

I have also wished for some new slippers with my new initial on them. I need rubber sole house shoes, because walking on carpet even irritates my foot. Awesome times. 

I hope you guys get lots of great and fun gifts for this holiday! 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wedding Recap - Reception Part 1

Like 17  months later here is my wedding reception recap in several parts because there are some great pictures. Our reception was in the same space as our wedding ceremony. The hotel flipped the space and I have to say it came out really pretty. I had a very strong opinion about having round tables at our wedding reception - HELL no! I attend meetings for a living, I hate those round tables. So with a little negotiation and persuading the hotel they did in fact not have to charge me double for linens because I wanted square tables I got my way. Here is the result:

Our head table was one long family style table. I wanted my wedding party to be able to sit with their husbands and wives so this worked best for us. 

I wanted pretty soft romantic feeling centerpieces. I loved the red tea lights. 

 Here are the guest tables. Loved the square look. 

 These were the centerpieces on some of the tables at the other guest tables. I bought the wine bottle table numbers on Etsy and I LOVED the way they looked. 

This was our "Gummy Bear" bar. Mr. A and his mom took months having fun picking out all the gummies to get for this. We did this instead of a grooms cake.  

This was our cake table. We had the most amazing cake. I loved the way it was simple and fun. Our coordinator did a good job putting the table together with our florist. 

I made the place card holders myself, another idea I stole from Etsy. My MIL did the names on the cards. 

And lastly our cake topper. I ordered this on Etsy as well. Mr. A loves Spiderman so I made him his favorite superhero on our cake! 

Lot's of fun dancing pictures next! 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bad Blogger, Very Bad Bad Blogger

Sorry I have been totally MIA lately. My life has become a complete mess. Lots and lots of great messes though so I guess that is a good thing. Let me get you caught up:

First things first, Mr. A's Birthday Party Extravaganza  -

We started the weekend off with a midnight showing of Harry Potter because I am hardcore like that and it was a must. The movie was AH-MAZE-ING! Totally worth the lack of sleep that night. I also have to give it up to the HP fans, they were very entertaining and all in good spirits. There was a "Spell War" in our theater where kids started to fake fight with their fake wands, to say the least it was entertaining.

Then we headed to Fredricksburg for the weekend where we Christmas Shopped and ate tons of German food. We met up with a bunch of our friends and headed out to the wineries where we proceeded to get totally wasted. It was a great time to say the least.

Second, Thanksgiving -

We headed to Houston to see the family. Had Turkey day in H-Town with my sister's in-laws who are super nice. We played with the babies and have started to reconsider having kids after 5 days of no sleep and being pounded on. I am sure we will change our tune soon enough though. It was a lot of fun to get some good time in with the family though.

I made my first pumpkin pie all by myself and from scratch. It was really yummy if I don't say so myself. I think everyone enjoyed my cookies and treats I brought for the festivities.

I saw the movie "Love and Other Drugs", it was so good. Lots and lots of boobies in it though, so that was interesting to say the least. There were some good shots of Jakie boy's bum, I liked that very much thank you. The story was great though so all in all a good movie to go see.

Next, I got a new JOB!

Last week I found out that I got a new job. I will be working for a state agency and will be starting in January. I will be doing a lot more than I do now and I will be challenged a lot more. I think it will be a great thing for me in the long run, but right now I am still in shock and I am still really scared! In the mean time work at my current job has become very busy!

Last, I am having foot surgery!

I am getting my bum foot finally fixed. I have been in pain for over a year now and I am so ready for this bitch to be cut off. With that I am trying to prepare the house for me to be out of commission for a few weeks. I am pretty nervous because I am hosting a party, and Christmas at my house. I need to make sure everything is in order. Other than that it is a really great thing and I am super pumped that I am getting this fixed right before I get started at the new job!

So now you are all caught up on my life. I promise to not be so aloof. Sorry I have not been around!