Wednesday, December 14, 2011

In short... I am sure you don't care where I have been.

The long of it is I was sick, and it is the holidays. Shit got crazy up in here. Oh and I have made well over 20 dozen cookies, five bunt cakes, bread, and many other baked goods this holiday season. I hosted a Christmas brunch with great friends on Sunday and I am hosting family at my house for the next week.

Our house looks like Santa's village, and you can see our balcony from space. It is awesome. I will try to take a picture for you all.

On another note, I have the most amazing husband in the ENTIRE world. He is a pain in the ass because he makes me look bad a lot but it is worth it. My husband has made an advent calendar for me. Every morning we open it together.

Just to give you a preview of how awesome he is, today my gift was a donation to Saint Jude's and a note that said, "Because I wanted to help other children grow up to meet their other halves like you and I did." No, I did not tell him to write that, and yes, you can gag. I am the luckiest girl in the world.

Back to me being busy.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday, Mr. A

Mr. A's 30th birthday was November 20th. I am just getting to writing a recap, I think it is because I am finally sober.

I started planning Mr. A's birthday right after he told me, "I don't want to do anything". I was not going to stand for that BS, and promptly planned a surprise 30th birthday our on Dirty Sixth street with all of our friends. The theme was "30 is the new 20" and all the bars and drinks he drank that night had to be from his college days. It turned out to be a PERFECT night.

Our friend Janet took some pictures, again due to my drunkenness, I did not take any. At. All.

We started the night off with dinner at Bacon. A restaurant in Austin dedicated only to the food group of, BACON. Yes it is a food group.

Kelly Janet and I

The before shot.
Just after the surprise at the Library. I think he was happy
Gratuitous dancing with hot chicks in a bar, CHECK!
 Our Friends Ben and Janet, made an awesome list of all of the things that Mr. A had to do before he turned 30. Many of them were horrible shots, or making him do silly things. Turns out, he had a great time doing all of it and totally took it like a man. He checked off EVERYTHING on his list! Thanks to them for doing that list. It really made the night.

The pictures get blurry and worse as the drinking continued, let me leave you with this shot. It was Mr. A's favorite part of the night.
We ended the night at Wataburger at 3am. You could not ask for a better finish to a great night with amazing friends. Happy Birthday Mr. A you are the best husband and friend I could ask for!