Monday, April 30, 2012

A Perfect Weekend in Austin Recap

This weekend was one of the best weekends I have had in Austin ever. It was a perfect combination of relaxation, fun and friends. Like I have mentioned in recent posts we are so fortunate to live in such a great city and have such amazing friends. This weekend was the perfect example of just how lucky we are.

Friday – After work Mr. A and I decided to change up movie night and head down to the new Alamo Drafhouse on Slaughter Lane. We first had dinner at Kerby Lane on William Cannon and of course we shared a bowl of Kerby Queso, some of the best stuff on earth. Then we met our friends Jason and Amelia at Alamo to see the “Five Year Engagement”. This movie was adorable and super funny! We split the bomb cookies from there, Banana Chocolate Chip. Go there. Get them. Enjoy. You’re welcome.

Saturday – Mr. A had to work. I got up and met Kelly, her cute little girl Harper and Janet at the Farmer’s market at Barton Creek Mall. I have become fonder of the Farmers market every time I go and if any of you have a chance you should check it out. I am more and more convinced that if and when I can I will be going to buy local produce that is fresh and in season. I am sure I sound like a crazy hippy but let me tell you that the groceries I buy from the farmer’s market are more expensive for sure, but they taste more expensive. There is more flavors in everything I make from these farmers than anything I buy at even Whole Foods or Central Market. It is worth the extra money to cook with such amazing food. Sorry rant ended…

So after we met up and had breakfast Tacos we walked around and met Jason and Amelia and their sweet doggy Izzy. It was a perfect start to the day. After the farmer’s market I headed over to my Junior League of Austin volunteer shift at the YMCA field day in East Austin. We stood outside all day playing with cute kiddos in a bouncy house. Really, it should not have counted as volunteering. I totally lucked out too because all the girls with me were super nice, sometimes this is not the case which makes your time go by like molasses. After playing outside for 4 hours though I was wiped out. I came home and took an inventory of our house for our movers and then passed out on the sofa with the puppy.

Saturday night we went to late night happy hour at the Daily Grill at the Domain with Ben, Janet, Pete and Corey. It was great to have a night out. I believe that this will be a staple for Mr. A and I when we move as it is about 2 minutes from our new house and is super cheap. Where else can you get $3 cocktails on a Saturday night? Then we headed over to The Park, another new bar in the Domain and had another drink. It was so much fun to fist pump to club music with Janet.

Sunday – We got up at about 9:30 and headed down to the Barton Creek greenbelt. Mr. A hates getting out of bed, but once we get moving we both love being outside with our pup. We met up with Jason and Amelia (how lucky am I that I got to see them so much this weekend?) and then we walked to rainbow falls. The boys and pups jumped in the beautiful water and even did a rope swing! The water is still flowing and if you live in Austin and can make it out there you should. Water will not be there for much longer and it is just beautiful! After hiking back we ran to Central Market and picked up snacks and then headed to Zilker Park to picnic with a big group of friends. Kelly brought Miss Harper and it worked out to well. Harper looked totally adorable in her cute bonnet and we all sat around and chatted as our hordes of dogs played together. The boys played whiffle ball as the girls caught up under the shade of a giant tree. The breeze was blowing, the prosecco flowing, it was a perfect Sunday afternoon. All of us kept saying how rare it is to have us all available in a weekend to hang out like this anymore. I felt so lucky to get to spend time with everyone, as I know how busy we all are.

After we finished up at the park, we headed home and passed out! We were both showered and asleep by 830. It was glorious really.

As you can tell my love affair with Austin, food and our friends continues. Looking forward to closing on our house this week and painting all next weekend!

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