Friday, May 4, 2012

Closing and Opening

Last night at 4pm we became homeowners!

Our key!!!!
It was a whirlwind of the last few weeks and we have been working so hard to get all the last minute arrangements and paperwork taken care of. I have never felt so overwhelmed by paperwork in my life. In the end though it was totally worth it because we got a house!!!!!

I am going to just give you a rundown of all the stuff we needed for closing and some of the highlights (or lowlights if you want to be a negative Nancy) of our process.

First we had the appraisal issue. The house did not appraise originally for our agreed purchase price so we had to send in a rebuttal to the AMC who then came up only 2K after two weeks of waiting to hear from them. So the seller’s agreed to pay for a second appraisal as I had mentioned the second went through. This whole process delayed our closing by almost two weeks. This really threw a wrench into our whole plan.

When you close at the end of the month you do not have to pay as much in taxes. It is hard to explain but we ended up asking for the lender to give us a refund on this month’s taxes so we could close on May 3rd instead of the end of the month. They did and it was not a big deal but we did totally get the shaft on getting a “free” month of mortgage payments like many realtors tell you you will get your first month. FAIL. But at this point we do not care because we just wanted to close.

After we got all the paperwork lined up we headed to the title company and signed a million papers. Seriously, my hand cramped up at one point. I suggest you also try to schedule your closings early in the morning. What happens is now with all the changes to the industry the banks require all money is transferred before you get keys. It is totally not like house hunters when you get the keys at the closing table anymore. LAME. And if you close at the end of the day you will not even get the keys until the next day because they don't have the time to process everything! We had prepared ourselves for yet another home buying dream bubble burst while signing away our lives.

Lucky for us our RELATOR is awesome and she was able to procure a key for us last night anyway. She rocks my face off.  So after lots of waiting we finally headed over to our new home!!!! We closed the door on renting and buying a home we are opening another into the world (the very scary and overwhelming world) of home ownership.
On our way to the house we went home and picked up our puppy and then headed over with a car full of cleaning supplies and paint stuff. NO time to waste in this project. We move in in two weeks and we need to paint the whole house!!!!!

So here are the fun pictures from our first night in our new home. We drank champagne and ate pizza in sweats as we threw the ball for our dog in the backyard. It was a perfect night really.

Bubbles from our REALTOR waiting for us when we got home!

Harry is one happy dog in his new home!

Our first meal in our new home. It was glorious!

Harry playing ball in his new backyard. I know it is a blur, but I totally love this picture!


Janet said...

The house is soooo cute! Hope painting wasn't too brutal, it will all be worth it, CONGRATS!

Amber said...

Oh Harry looks happiest of all!