Friday, April 27, 2012

An update on our house drama...

Up until late last night I was going to post a blog about how we have moved on from what we thought was going to be our first home. We had heard back on the rebuttal that the seller’s agent submitted to the appraisal management company, and the value of the home only came up $4,000 not the $13,000 that we needed to close the deal. We had really just given up and moved on from the house. 

On Monday we went and looked at a bunch of new houses on the market that had potential. There were some better than others but none of them worked for us as well as the house we were about to lose. To give you all a perspective of how desperate we have become, we were seriously considering a house at the top of our price range that had no windows in the master bedroom, and was outside of the neighborhoods we wanted to be in! Seriously, NO WINDOWS! There was another house in the neighborhood we love, at the VERY TIP TOP of the price range, and still needed to be gutted. Oh and the owners were smokers so the house smelled like total ass. So needless to say things were just progressing horribly. 

Then we went to the house we were trying to buy with our REALTOR. Mr. A had said he needed to see it again to remember why we had liked it so much. We walked in and his face just lit up again. It was like we knew this one (even more so than the first time) was going to be our first home. Just at that time a person walked into the house. It was an appraiser! The sellers had not even told us, but they had ordered a second appraisal! So we kept our fingers crossed that this second appraisal would come through. 

Up until last night we still had not hear anything. We just waited. So we went to look at yet another house. A super overpriced, but super cute house in our neighborhood. I was ready to make a low ball offer on the house and just move on totally from our first home. I sent our RELATOR home to call the sellers and see if they would work with us. 

We got a call from our REALTOR around 6. I was thinking it was about the overpriced house. No, it was about our house… 

The house appraised!!!!!! HOLY CRAP!!!! The lender is going to accept the second appraisal!!! HOLLY CRAP!!!! We are going to get our house!!!!!!! 

After all of the waiting and complaining and waiting some more… WE ARE GETTING OUR HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!

We have a bit more paperwork to do, but we should be closing by the end of the month. We can’t believe it but we are going to get our home!!!! 

I can’t wait for closing day!!!! More to come when we know it!

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Janet said...

You're kidding!? That is SOOO exciting, congrats (again)!