Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Trying to stay positive

I had written a whole post giving you all the nitty gritty of what is going on with the house. It was my (what seems to me usual) bitch fest about home buying and how much it sucks. And it was super Debbie downer.  Then I had to drive up to the doctor’s office and came back to read it one more time before I posted, and I realized how stupid it sounded. I need to cut that out and realize we are pretty lucky. We have lots of great friends and family, a great dog, and an awesome REALTOR who will help us find a good home. The whole thing will fall into place, just is not happening the way I had imagined it. But that is the same case with our wedding, and life in general!

Mr. A and I have been at each others throats throughout this process. Whether it is something legitimate like how much we should spend on a home. Or something stupid like what hose we should buy. We are growing up and learning a lot about each other in this process. Right now it is easy to focus on the negative, so for today at least I am going to focus on the positive. The happy thoughts of when we get into a house and can start decorating it how we want. Another positive is having a partner to go through this with. When we found out we might be losing the house I had a shoulder to cry on. It is amazing. So although we don’t agree on the hose we should buy in the end we are on the same team.

So to give you the latest in a none bitchy way, here we go. We are still waiting. We have been waiting for about 4 days now on the rebuttal. I don’t really know what is going to happen with it. The sellers have offered to pay for a second appraisal. I am hopping if we come close enough to a number we can agree on we can negotiate some sort of a deal. In the meantime, we extended our lease and started looking at houses again. It was rough to go back to looking again, I am not going to lie. But to good thing is we still have time, and we have a great support structure to help us through this whole thing.

Home buying is not for the faint of heart ladies and gentlemen!


Anonymous said...

Ugh. We're about to start the home buying process and all of this "stuff", I am not looking forward to!

Wishing you luck!

Janet said...

Things can only go up from here! (right?!!)

Amber said...

I tell you it is sooooo not fun! But one your all moved in and make it your own you will be so happy! That is unroll the crazy neighbor wants to be your BFF!